TRAITORS: 5 Republicans Join Democrats to Approve Senate Impeachment Trial

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul introduced a motion to dismiss the Senate impeachment hearing against former President Donald Trump. Only a simple majority vote was needed to stop the illegal sham proceedings. Yet 50 Democrats and five Republicans agreed to move forward with impeachment hearings, despite Trump no longer actively serving as President.

Senator Paul later tweeted, “The Senate just voted on my constitutional point of order. 45 Senators agreed that this sham of a ‘trial’ is unconstitutional. That is more than will be needed to acquit and to eventually end this partisan impeachment process. This ‘trial’ is dead on arrival in the Senate.”

Impeachment of a President requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate. Despite the media circus taking place among the mainstream mafia hungry for blood, the chances of Trump being impeached stand at approximately zero.

The five Republicans who voted in favor of the measure included senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and Pat Toomey.

While Democrats would love to remove any possibility of Trump running in a future presidential election, Senators have likely concluded a two-thirds majority will not happen. Then why the continued pursuit of a dead-end trial?

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Is this simply about making Trump look bad? Are Democrats seeking to divide Republicans and split the party into more chaos?

There may be more than one answer. First, the proceeding may be part retribution. As much as they will not admit it, Democrat hatred for Trump has blinded some so badly they cannot move on without releasing full vengeance before moving forward. Even an attempt to make Trump lose another ounce of credibility is worth the effort from some on the left.

Second, the impeachment trial also serves as an excellent cover up of what progressives are doing behind the scenes. While Trump signed six executive actions during the January that began his administration, Biden has already signed 19 during his first week in office. Including executive actions, the total is 30.

Among these included a day one memorandum freezing approval of rules passed in the final days of Trump’s presidency. Instead of signing an action against a specific Trump rule, Biden approved a blanket shutdown of any such rules for 60 days pending further review.

Other gems include rejoining the Paris Agreement on climate change (because “climate justice” whatever that is), ending the travel ban from high-risk countries, 100-days of mask wearing on federal property, shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, ending border wall construction, and stopping most deportations for 100 days. The moves only ended 62,000 jobs, give or take a few thousand.

And for some ungodly reason (Okay, maybe it was just his pharmaceutical funders), Biden has signed off to stop the Trump-era requirement that health centers provide insulin and epinephrine at discounted rates. How is this helping Americans?

Unless you’re selling insulin or epinephrine, it’s not. While Biden blames Trump for every person who died of COVID-19, he’s attacking the drugs that keep people with diabetes alive. Maybe it’s Biden who should appear before the Senate for a little explaining?

38 thoughts on “TRAITORS: 5 Republicans Join Democrats to Approve Senate Impeachment Trial”

    1. Why am I not surprised? They are all RINO,Democrat. We need to make sure they get the taste of their own medicine. here are the same RINO that are always block what is great for the Rep. Lets booted them out.

    2. He is a liar aimed at destroying all who voted for him. You know the 12,000. All the “? others” where fraud.

    3. Criminal Hiden Biden is distructive 2 America! These 5 need to cross the aisle & stay there! Not wanted here!

    4. I just cannot understand how anyone could possibly have voted for Biden as the president of the mightiest country in the world…could anyone explain it to me?

  1. Susan Collins “begged” Trump supporters to help her in her bid for re-election, now she turns her back on them and President Trump! She also is willing (along with 4 other “turncoats”) to waste a lot of taxpayer money on this impeachment issue! Why are these Senators so irresponsible!!!

  2. The traitors are afraid Trump will release the dirt on them Romney is wanting to run again for president on 2024. So here we go again what is it going to take for Pelosi.To understand that the american people hate her.And she is not understanding the people hate her.And this is only going to cause more roits and up risen. Pelosi should step down.She is only preaching hat to this country

    1. I find it very strange that right before the November Election that the Democrate party was ready to ” get rid of ” or “unseat Speaker Polosi” from her “throan”. But when the votes came in no one questioned how she was voted “Madam Speaker” once again. Also ifI am correct the same machines that the votes for President Trump also counted the votes for each states local law makers too!! I have many questions still unanswered about the process and all the iregularities which siround this past election . And all the people involved.

      The current Biden administration has shown me that all they wish to do is DESTORY AMERICA …..THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN UNITIFING THIS GREAT COUNTRY!!

  3. Good Morning did you expect anything less there’s to much money involved china’s in the picture so expect more of this to happen wait till you see the unemployment it’s already starting with the pipeline get ready higher gas ⛽⛽prices food energy hate to be the bearer of bad news and don’t think that they’ll tax the rich all the middle class or should I call us peeons that’s what the dems are doing Stand up Americans

    1. Gas prices have already gone up. Biden with all his executive orders has put about 62,000 people out of jobs. ALREADY. And it’s only just begun. To bad when hatred starts to control people as they do monstrous things. Remember how God took control of all the evil in the world. Noah’s arch and 40 days and 40 nights of rain. Only he knows how he’ll take care of it this time. Sadly many good people will die in the process, this time also. Pandemic is a start. What, next?????????

    1. I am worried , that comes 2022 , the Democrats pull the same stunt and steal the election .
      They know how to cheat and get away with it.

  4. We have a majority of republican state legislatures. We just must ban together and follow the Texas lead and keep lawsuits pouring into the oval office. E o’s are not laws! They can be overturned by the courts and scouts. The pressure must be focused and continuous. As for the turncoats, GOD willing they will be voted out. Romney has always been garbage and uncle Mitch appears to be no better. We will prevail as long as our dedicated leaders in the congress and senate do the right thing for AMERICA! FILIBUSTER FILIBUSTER FILIBUSTER


    1. I totally agree with you! They also need to be tried for treason and put in front of a firing squad with all the other treasonous and fraudulent Democrats! People are now seeing all the corruption that the Democrats have been up to for years. All they want are more power and money, they are too stupid to even realize that China could care less about them, China wants world control, they have already told people this. People need to wake up before it’s too late. We need our President Donald J Trump back in office, he won it legally anyway.

  6. Have our enemies infiltrated our Government, it seems that has happened, and if one is intelligent and looks at our pandemic through non-partisan eyes, he or she will discover many ways that show it could not have happened here without help from people who indeed must have infiltrated our Government. The greatest possible clue lies in the Corona-Virus deaths of both Mexico and Canada which have a disparity that no one can account for, and no one in our Government has yet addressed. Not even the clown Biden or Trump! It appears our enemies are now running our Government.But I’m 90 years old and will not be around for much longer, but my Christian heart cries out for my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and the rest of you wonderful American Patriots I have enjoyed my whole life. May God bless each and everyone of you, and come to your aid which I know he will!

  7. First who pay for the first PHONY IMPEACHED HEARING? TAXPAYERS? These POLITICAN are just INCREASING THE DEFICIT CEILING VERY BAD! Going to be future generations trying to pay it off! When it WAS NONE OF THEIR RESPONSIBILITY! DEMOCRAT has NEVER CARE ABOUT AMERICAN PEOPLE OR THE COUNTRY! ALWAYS STEALING FROM THE PEOPLE TO FILL UP THEIR OWN PERSONAL WEALTHY! And the people are FOOL who keeps VOTING FOR THEM! First day on the job ( Biden) kill over Thousand of JOBS! For his ENEMY IN SAUDI ARABIA!And the dumb blockhead who doesn’t know anything about CLIMATE CHANGE!

  8. If you are a TRUE patriots AMERICANS CITIZEN! You need to learn to do research on any POLITICAN and STOP LISTEN TO LOBBYIST WHO GETTING PAY 100 GRAND TO TWISTED THE TRUTH! There is NOT a faithful POLITICAN who stand by his WORDS! But there are FOOL who believe anything out of a fool mouth!

  9. As demanding as anything can be is that we true conservatives PRAY FOR GOD TO CONVICT THE HEARTS & MINDS OF THE WORST OFFENDERS IN BOTH PARTIES. Let’s commit to faithfully pray God’s will be done – He’s got this! Hard times ahead; fear not I am with you always.

  10. Trump isn’t what the democrat/socialist/communist/fascist party (the dscf) is afraid of. What scares them is that he is the spark that ignited the spirit of freedom and liberty in the population. They want to smother the flame as quickly as possible before it becomes a fire that will sweep them all out of government.

    The dscf party calls Trump a racist with no visible evidence, yet get behind Traitor Joe who has a record as the most racist of politicians throughout his time as a Senator and Vice President. Then they supported Traitor Kammala who has a proven record of racist actions as a district attorney where she prosecuted minorities, kept thousands of minorities in jail after their terms were finished and failed to prosecute wealthy and powerful people who supported her. Traitor Kampala gathered so little support from her party when she ran for President that she was the first candidate to drop out. Why did her party then support her for Vice President? I can only surmise that it was because she is a corrupt person who would do anything to gain power and influence.

    The dscf then calls Trump a fascist showing that they have no understanding of what the term means. Fascism like socialism and communism share the same ultimate result, TOTALIANISM! Simply look at Traitor Joe’s actions so far that place the needs of American Citizens behind his and the disc’s need for power as the join forces with the totalitarian globalists! What Traitor Joe has done during his first several days more than justifies Articles of Impeachment be brought against him.

  11. These names do not surprise me at al land they are the very reason why the conservatives are losing everything. They are not smart enough to understand President Trump is the only reason why things are as close as they are. So now here they go with their bag of nails and puny hammers trying to seal Trumps coffin. Just brilliant !

  12. We NEED to get our STATE VOTING LAWS CHANGED BACK TO age 21, Photo ID’s only. And mail in voting for armed forces ONLY. when out of country.
    Are we that lazy that we can’t get our buts out there to vote. The ONLY way to get an HONEST ELECTION is to go back to the original laws.
    A state ID is $6.00. There is NO ONE in this COUNTRY that does not have a birth certificate. Even mid wives are legally obligated to register births. And they do. If you deliver your own baby at home the first time that child goes to Dr. Or a hospital, n doctors can tell if a new born is a new born not delivered in a hospital. Come on people all these excuses for NOT having a picture ID is bull shit. Without a picture ID how is that person cashing their pay checks? When they apply for welfare. They have to show a picture ID. If your over 55 most States DO NOT charge for State ID’s.
    No more BULL SHIT
    we are being walked all over by liberal bull shit. And I have one voting place in all of my district. Does that mean ”they” are trying to keep me from voting? There is nothing in this world that can keep me from voting IF I WANT TO VOTE. Liberal’s can come up with more ways to CHEAT then drug dealers have for dealing bad dope. Or more excuses a hooker can to a cop wanting to know why she’s hangin on the same corner every night.

  13. Their past history is enough to vote them out of office. Take away their lifetime pensions, too, would be the proper penalty.

  14. defend the office of the presidency and impeach biden and his vp.. enough dirty on file to do it. who won this year. Czar Biden and his communist elite….. not the people we are no longer Sovereign. very sad day in history and the end of america as we know if we except this fraud…..

  15. They are irresponsible because it is taxpayer money they are wasting by holding another impeachment trial instead of doing their job. They have no consequences for wasting time and not accomplishing what the country needs. Ultimately it’s the fault of we the people if we do not mobilize and vote them out for their next election.

  16. The Dems FEAR “the rule of the people”& want to DESTROY the “messenger”. IT WON’T WORK . Trump did everything to HELP the American people. He eased regulations so jobs could be created. He “fought” with the pharmaceuticals to lower prices on insulin & epi-pens. He got “us” tax breaks so we would have more money in our pockets to stimulate the economy. He got America moving, stopped ISIS, forged Peace Talks & got “Rocket Man” to quiet down. He’s done a lot more good in 4 yrs. than these rotten, corrupt Dems have done in a”life-time” on Capitol Hill. Their HATE, viciousness and vile actions toward Trump & his administration is beyond despicable. It’s down right evil. Trump got the VACCINE developed & who were the first to get it? The conniving ingrates!

  17. I can think of about 8 politicos , that if they were given a 7 day time out, poor joe would be wild in the streets.
    He probably doesn’t even know what he’s done. Watch him when he signs ” his” executive orders, he seems surprised, like ,” oh, this one too, wow I’m gettin ‘er done”.

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