The New York Times Pushing Cannabalism

The Globalists and their leftist minions are pushing America towards a precipice that we will not be able to come back from – now instead of eating meat, they want us to eat our fellow human beings – which is unsurprising when you consider that these people are in league with Satan.

Over the past few years, our usual diet – which includes beef, chicken and pork – has been demonized as some sort of planetary sin, and all the world’s problems apparently sit on the shoulders of those who enjoy a nice Porterhouse steak every now and then.

We have been told we have too many people and that traditional farming is no longer sustainable because of “climate change,” we have been told repeatedly that that we should abort our babies and eat bugs to divert this “existential” crisis that the like of the World Economic Forum (WEF) continues to shove down our throats.

The New York Times – the well-known leftist rag – is now trying to normalize cannibalism.

Of course, all the mindless zombies who wantonly follow anything these people say, will no doubt think it is a good idea, but the fact is, if something like that were to happen on a large scale, we are all doomed to an eternity of Hellfire.

There is no coming back from eating your fellow man, but this is where they want everyone – desperate, sick, perverted and demented.

The lunatics have officially taken over the asylum.

New York Times came up with the sickening headline, “Turns out, cannibalism has a time and place”

The trend is picking up heat among leftist social media users too, and the unthinkable act of killing and eating another person, is becoming a terrifying possibility.

We are a few steps closer to losing our humanity completely.

Over the decades, the Globalist New World Order has been herding us like sheep, to slowly accept things that 30 years ago would have resulted in an uproar, now one of the most well-known newspapers across the world is writing articles about how we should barbeque our aborted babies.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been many references to books and movies that feature dystopian futures, cannibalism on an industrial scale and the chaos that such acts cause – they are an affront to God.

People have become desensitized to the constant barrage of filth, including the rainbow agenda that says men can have babies and that pedophilia is a “sexual preference,” now we have reached the bottom of the barrel and there is absolutely no way to come back from something like this if it is allowed to happen.

When it comes down to it, the WEF are nothing more than a Satanic, terrorist organization, that is gunning for the demise of us all – the biggest agenda being depopulation and it is very convenient that this sort of talk is happening while the world is being plunged into a world food crisis – also started by the Globalists.

Hold on to your morality and your humanity with all your might, because the demons are already among us.

57 thoughts on “The New York Times Pushing Cannabalism”

    1. God will destroy humanity, like he did with Noah’s flood (but not by water) and Sodom and Gomorrah.
      The stench of humanity’s sins has risen up to the heavens. God knows who belongs to Him and who doesn’t. He will save His Elect and the rest will be cast into the Lake of Fire.
      What we are seeing now is only the beginning of God’s Wrath being poured out on this planet. Climate change????? Who created the climate????? How peculiar that we have fires at one end of the planet and floods at the other. Volcanoes, earthquakes, famine. Mankind has destroyed everything it can get its hands on. Murder is rampant. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes.
      God is shaking the foundations of the world trying to get peoples’ attention.

  1. Of course, those that advocate eating humans aren’t willing to offer up their own bodies for consumption. So why should any of the rest of us offer our bodies?

    1. Remember the 1973 film Soylent Green? Interestingly set in 2020 with massive the USA suffering civil unrest & massive food shortages. The plot centres around human corpses being processed into ‘food’ for the starving masses….similar to what’s being proposed/discussed by the NYT……

      1. I remember that movie and was the first thing that entered my mind when reading this article of madness. I think the world needs to hunt down these psycho globalist heathens and exterminate them.

      2. I remember that movie too and thought of it when I read the headline for this article. Our country is on a downward slide. Is it too late to stop it? What can one conservative do?

  2. Are we certain that the NYTimes author is not simply up-dating “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift? It raised hackles in its day and seems to have raised hackles again! Of course, if this author is serious……

        1. that would shut her big mouth. her success is from bartending to a crook ed congresswomen , so much for the dumbiots who put her in office

  3. Like Walt Disney, obviously the NY Times has some really depraved, sick, psychopaths (criminal) running the show. And like Disney, they will rightfully see a huge drop in corporate ad buying, subscribers. Only until
    they start losing big bucks will they stop this insane behavior. Newspapers used to be used to wrap garbage in once read, what a waste of precious lumber. The online version will soon disappear with the new hellbent
    agenda (Globalist agenda). Hope this happens quickly.

  4. Since the start of the covid fraud – an extension of the ‘global warming’ fraud, and brought to us by the same psychopaths – I been saying that these mentally ill cretins are NOT going to stop. They are going to HAVE TO BE STOPPED. The longer we go without stopping them the worse things are going to be. To wit – they’re now pushing cannibalism.

  5. I’m not a satanic left wing crazy. I’m vegan. I don’t eat ANY meat. I changed my diet when I witnessed the horrible abuse of animals. It should be done more humanely. I DO NOT believe in abortion and I certainly don’t believe in eating our babies. EVIL!

    1. I agree. I’ve been slowly weaning myself away from meat for several years.. Recently bought what we thought was all natural organically grown beef. When arrived it was from Tijuana packaged in CA. What a ripoff! Who can you trust? Only God!

  6. Remember the movie Soylent Green
    Science Fiction is becoming Reality. These globalist and so-called journalists need to be separated from society.

    1. Orwellianism via a different author….but all of the most horrific sci Fi is coming to fruition by way of this current communist regime…. they’ve been silently working to put all of this in place for decades

  7. Soylent Green is people. Ever noticed that science fiction becomes science fact 40 years later.

  8. These fucks can start by eating each other and all those who agree with them!!!!!!!!!!!! And then we the people can get our country back. Anyone up for serving them up for those who believe them start by shoving Pelosi right down AOC’S throat and move on from there. How much more of this shit are we going to take???????????????????????????????/

  9. May GOD have mercy on our souls.. how did it come down to this. Insanity has taken over our gov. And the democratic party
    Satin ls trying to save himself and his minions.. Only GOD can help us now..

  10. Gigantic problem with this disgusting eating human beings. How many of you had the covid shot? There are mass problems with the jab. Those that had the jab and died, the morticians now are finding massive blood clots in the people they are embalming. Would you eat human flesh knowing this and by eating human flesh, those clots will start growing in you? There was also a chip put in those vaccines that sill change your life because that chip can be activated to make you like a zombie or a robot where you have no control of your actions. Depending on where that chip traveled in a body, you may end up with that chip in your body and some will get that chip that have already gotten that chip, doubling your chances of being controlled like a robot or a puppet. I won’t at those bugs either because they probably have poison or more chips in them or something even more sinister. If the Deep State get their way to depopulate earth, and with the chemtrails, all life on earth will eventually die, then there will be no bugs to eat either, since I have discovered that the bugs are all disappearing anyway. On that matter, the elite have stored all the food they will need underground for themselves and even have gardens down there, so they won’t starve, but we will. We need a depopulation plan of our own to get rid of the elite first!


  12. Satan and his minions have taken over the entire Democrat party and the so called journalists. Eat all of them first and the rest of us who truly believe in God and his son Jesus Christ should be able to live in peace.

    1. That may work. BUT do you really th6 God would approve of his children eating the humans he created to inhabit this earth? No. I think he’d place it in the same category as eating certain other things listed in the bible that he considered unfit for our consumption. No. This will be, in my opinion the time when we will have to trust God to take care of our food needs just as he supplied those of the Jews during their 40 year trek in the wilderness.

  13. The Movie Soylent Green showed this Years ago – Astounding that we are truly living it today!!!! – People need to WAKE UP!!!!!!

  14. If you want a raw and disturbing account of cannibalism then read “The Donner Party” a true story set in 1847-48 of a group of pioneers making their way across the midwest states to California. In shortage of the survivors who consumed the flesh of their friends and family to survive suffered bouts of depression mental illness and even suicide.And some were just said to have “gone crazy”

  15. Shame on the nyt for putting up a headline like that. There are plenty of leftist lunatics out there that will eventually try to put into practice what this satanic cesspool of a former media outlet has to say. They should be charged with enticing criminal behavior….they should be, but they won’t.

  16. I thought the zombie thing was fake, now I believe that they are among us. No wonder why they want to take away our guns.

  17. Could this b why these Demorats want abortions to go though??
    True AMERICANS would never kill babies or human beings!! People make gardens!! Store up on vitamins. Learn hope to make fire and boil ur water!! The second Amendment says we can have guns to protect yourselves. Get groups together. Work toghter. Go fishing.
    We can live of our land!!
    The most important thing is to pray for GOD’S HELP. Remember GOD provided for people and GOD will do for us.
    Really the best thing we can do, is stand toghter and FIGHT all these Demorats!! Put them where they belong!! Chop off the head of Satan!!

    1. Amen and Amen! I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ comes quickly to snatch us up out of this wicked world!

  18. Can you see & feel God moving all over the nations now? He definitely is!! Look at all of these World Leaders resigning or be run out by their people. Roe Vs. Wade being overturned & his latest move, the damage to the Satanic Cabal written in stone of global deportation, The Georgia GuidestonGuides tones!! We are living in the time of Moses. We are being pushed to the precipice right before God shows up & saves his people!! Pray & Praise God right now & fight the demons!

  19. I remember Soylent Green, it was so disgusting and now it has come to pass. Just like The Donner Pass, I would rather starve. Then the plane in South America that crashed many years ago in the mountains, they were put in the same position. The evil that is going on now is disgraceful and GOD will make them all pay. NYT should be burnt to the ground and all so-called journalists should be fired. Anyone that wants cannibalism should be executed and all the people that are working for the devil should get the same treatment but they all will BURN IN HELL.

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