Is there anything more irritating than being lectured about your health and how you manage it, by a flabby billionaire technocrat Globalist, who has literally no qualifications in the subjects he lectures everyone about?

No. The answer would be a definite N-O. It’s about as irritating as a foot fungus that refuses to go away.

Can someone please tell Big Gates to stay in his lane and go back to his cave and make more sub-par computer systems.

During the Bloomberg New Economy Forum, the billionaire, via video feed, lectured all of us peasants about how we can all move past the China virus pandemic and prepare for the next outbreak – speaking hypothetically of course.

The fact that Gates continuously mentions this next deadly pandemic, suggests that it is probably definitely going to happen.

Gates complained during his interview that it was difficult to vaccinate the sub-Saharan African countries because they haven’t seen as many virus cases as the rest of the world and generating demand for the “vaccines” is “challenging”, but added that “we’ll do the best we can on that.”

Why would they take shots for a virus they’ve largely managed to avoid?

Speaking of the next year of the China virus, Gates said, “The death rate and the severe disease rates ought to be coming down dramatically, and by next summer getting to be quite a bit lower than the average seasonal flu level is assuming there’s no surprise variants, which right now is unlikely but can never be ruled out.”

Gates also praised the lockdowns in China – acknowledging, however, that the herd immunity within the population is low and that the Chinese would have to raise vaccination numbers before lockdowns can be fully lifted, which could easily be another year.

John Micklethwait, Bloomberg’s editor-in-chief, suggested the CCP had lied about their virus numbers, after Gates praised China’s efforts to stop the virus early, to which Gates responded that, “even if they fibbed a bit, they’re still amazingly good.”

Because of course Bill Gates wouldn’t dare criticize his communist buds.

Gates then mentioned again his need for taxpayer money for his “germ games” which is starting to look like funding to develop HIS next pandemic.

The Gates Foundation head then went on to say that governments should be investing into funding surveillance strategies for the World Health Organization, which would allow the WHO to spread information into communities where local governments have no interest in spreading their agenda.

In regards to the vaccine passports and people having their private information handed over to authorities, Gates remarked that the China virus has been “an interesting test in people’s trust in their politicians or their health system.”

He then added, “Statistically we didn’t do as well as I would have expected,” he continued. “In fact, I’m cited as some mastermind in some evil plot in many, many cases. I didn’t expect any of that. In some ways the politicization of taking vaccines and helping to protect other people, we’ve taken a step backwards.”

The unelected global health guru alleged, “A meaningful minority in most countries were led down a path of believing that not only were there rare side effects, but the vaccine was not properly tested was part of some evil conspiracy.”

It’s not a conspiracy though when there has been plenty of evidence to the contrary and Pfizer themselves have admitted via a FDA Briefing that trials on inoculations given to both adults and children were too small and too short to know the long-term effects.

Gates lastly stated that people need to realise they don’t need to “go on trips” or “go into the office everyday”, suggesting people should just stay locked in their homes – while he himself jets around the world, spewing the carbon he says he hates so bad.

36 thoughts on “Bill Gates PRAISES China’s CCP Virus Lockdowns, Calls for WHO SURVEILLANCE GESTAPO & MORE GLOBALISM”

  1. How about we start the depopulation process with douche bag Bill Gates first . Good bye Bill your life is over scumbag as your first on the list to start the process .

        HIM & HIS BS.

    1. I was expose to the Virus July 10th to two couples that had the Virus and came home from Camp Meeting that ended on the 7th that means they got the Virus at Camp and that took maybe 3-7 days after being in contact with some people that had the Virus. I got tested on the 27th Negative and then went and got tested on the 31 and they tested one side on my nose Positive and kept me 9 days in the Hospital and 30 days on Oxygen too and I do not thing if they got the Virus in a few days it would take me over two weeks to get it? I thing they give it to me the first time I was tested Period Now another thing they want the People in Africa to take the Shots so they can give it to them! yes for many people got the shot and even two shots and a booster and then get the Virus! well I never heard of people getting the disease after the were Vaccinated for small pox, measeale and Polio Have You???

    2. Let’s be smart about any move against Mr “gates”.
      He is very rich, which means he has access to anyone in the world he wants. Bar None! His chinese workers are his main source of income.
      It is possible to bypass mr “gates” computer creation. Slowly, but assuredly, we need to stop giving money to that friend of FAUX-XI. They both have the same goal: the KILLING of BILLIONS to make certain their own “space” is guaranteed “free of the undesirables”!
      Can we make him feel “undesirable”?

    1. I do not know about the Bulliet but someone mention a Drone and I would like to know is it before Joe,s and Hillarys, or a day or two after theirs???

  2. This worthless obnoxious tyrant wants to kill 2 billion people!
    He is rich, owns huge voting stocks in the Big Pharma, and plans to achieve his goal next year!
    FAUX-XI is the medical TYRANT put in place by “””gates””” to BRAIN-WASH the populace, at all costs. Well te cost to the TAXPAYER with the benefits, in the mega Billions in Gates pockets as well as FAUX-XI, through the patented products FAUX-XI inserted in the “””JABS”””! and the Boosters!
    gates and faux-xi are the most HORRIBLE MASS MURDERERS the world has ever seen. Stalin, Mao, Hitler are babies if we compare! The fact that the Spike Protein inserted in the JAB destroys the helix of the DNA by disassociating the immune system from the whole body, supposedly to make it stronger, but in reality, allowing the body to start being infected by benign diseases which will become the arm of future cancer growth at an unbelievable rate! Never to be stopped again, only in people who REFUSE the “””JAB””” today!
    I want to bet everything I have on my suspicions!

  3. Is this a true definition?

    treated as singular
    The study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable. Developed largely by Sir Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, eugenics was increasingly discredited as unscientific and racially biased during the 20th century, especially after the adoption of its doctrines by the Nazis in order to justify their treatment of Jews, disabled people, and other minority groups.
    ‘In Erlangen, the University keenly promoted the science of eugenics.’

  4. Americans need to stop allowing the Globalists to inject them with poison. Stop acting like frightened sheep, and think about what they’re doing to you, and why they’re doing it. It has nothing to do with the Wuhan Flu, which only has less than 1% mortality rate. This supposed vaccine is useless, and doesn’t even stop people from spreading or infecting other people. What is the real purpose of them trying to force every human on the planet to take it ? Every one of you has allowed them to modify your DNA, and will end up sterile once 5G goes on line. At least the Jews in Germany can say, they were held at gun point. What’s your excuse going to be ? You allowed the Fake News and Media Propaganda to scare you shitless ? Grow a pair, and give Bejing Biden and the Globalist Pricks the one finger salute !

  5. Philanthropist my ass! If he was truly one he’d be trying to help people. Instead he wants to eliminate as many as possible from the earth. What a monster!

  6. Bill Gates is a mad scientist, way out of his territory practicing phony medicine. He needs to be put down like the Mad Dog he is. He is a pedophile and sick individual pretending to be a human. Get him out of the picture as quickly as possible. Prison isn’t an answer for him, only death when he’s convicted of crimes against humanity.

  7. Can someone tell me when Gates was appointed to direct and demand that the American people obey him and his wishes? Maybe he thinks his money and his God given talents also convey a sense off superiority in comparison to the rest of us “other” human beings that populate the world. Well, “Billy Boy” you have proven yourself unworthy to have been given such talent and ability when you participated in the “Lolita Express Flights” with Jeffrey Epstein. You, sir, have totally misused your talent and misunderstood the responsibility that accompanies that degree of talent. There is a trap when one is given talent like you are blessed with as it seems you come to believe yourself greater than you are. You owe your family, your nation and most of all, your Creator a great deal of appreciation for your gifts.


  9. bill gates nd any others that against the constitution, bill of rights, should be with treason.
    All these billionaires, football players, basketball players(hire by which race????) to play and makes millions of dollars
    all the CRT, BLM should go and find a country of their own and fight it out( since you do not like America) and leave us
    this beautiful country alone. Our fathers, mothers, grandparents and so and so on buith this country. W e worked hard paid taxes and had high hopes for future children. NOT WHAT YOU PEOPLE ARE DOING, DESTROY DESTROY…
    If we can’t get along and work together then PLEASE go found another country to destroy and take all your friends with you…..

    1. Bill Gates is NOT a doctor. Nor is he a professional in ANY disease control
      Keep in mind that at one time he supplied some type of corrupted “shots” to India and killed thousands with it. All he is interested in is the huge amounts of money he makes OWNING the companies that make the Covid shots.

  10. Bill Gates is a worthless POS. He is a sick SOB that belongs in a jail cell like his ole buddy Epstein. Anyone wonder why his ole lady is divorcing him…he’s a pervert just like Slick Willy, Tom Hanks, and a big list from the Epstein adventure. Gates needs to have all his money taken away and be thrown in a dungeon.

  11. Bill Gates and those alike should be designated as a threat to mankind and be dealt with accordingly- The Wrath of God!!!!!!! There is no place in God’s Kingdom in Heaven or on Earth for any of the evil and wicked that’s present!!! Thy Will Be Done

  12. People such as Bill Gates and George Soros are ‘shapers and movers’ and the ‘powers behind the Powers-That-Be’. They appear to believe themselves to be a ‘Law-unto-Themselves’ and beyond the reach of the reach of any Sovereign Nation, any League of Nations or any existing International Laws. One could easily theorize that governments will soon be a thing of the past retained only for manipulation purposes to create future friction that only a single entity (Person or Organization) could resolve by Word of Command or Executive Order. The terminology would be adapted to whatever audience is being addressed. One should never underestimate a ruling power’s ability to spin information to its own benefit.

    Once we called this either a ‘fish story’ or ‘spinning a yarn’, indicating a dubious veracity of the facts involved with either story or yarn. Present Society simply refers to it as Mainstream Media, and people complacently accept the story or yarn and abrogate their right of challenging. To use a football analogy, we throw no red flags. We would rather accept red herrings than throw our red flags.

    It remains questionable as to whether or not the United Nations works in collusion with such personages in order to solidify a One World Government (i.e. New World Order -Novus Ordo Seclorum- see the reverse side of any US $1 dollar bill, left side under the Pyramid with the ‘all-seeing’ Eye of Ra atop, but separated from, the pyramid itself. But this can be easily, and gullibly ignored, as a mere ‘conspiracy theory’. This is not my concern as each of us has to make our own decision regarding veracity, evidence and response.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a devout, scholarly and deeply spiritual Christian who only days prior to the liberation of the Nazi prison where he was interred was executed for an attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler. One can question his actions and his means, but it cannot be denied that his response was not cowardly, submissive or compromising n any way with any rational concept of Justice.

  13. If anything Gates and Fauci has proved two things. Money does not make the man. These two are are just egotistical freaks who has been allowed free reign because of money and position. We Americans have been complacent our protecting our freedoms and rights, letting our government and so called elites think that they can do anything they want?.. laws and constitution do not apply to them. We have allowed politicians to stay in office for decades, we have allowed politicians to lie, cheat and pander. Congress enacted term limits on the president because they feared corruption. It Would be laughable considering the corruption in Congress and Senate. All great civilizations fall. Our country has problems and we are not perfect but we are still the best place in the world. If we the people do not come together people like Gates,Fauci, Soros,Pelosi, McConnell, biden will change America for ever. They will not suffer the consequences but we the people will.

  14. Bill Gates is the least qualified person to be making ANY comment, suggestion, whatever about anything. The man believes his own press and never ignores a live microphone or focusing camera. MR. GATES, AMERICA DOES NOT CARE NOR ARE WE THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!! You need to sit back down and contemplate your navel.

  15. Bill Gates is a piece of human garbage and about as convenient and helpful to society as a bad case of hemorrhoids.

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