BIll Gates Calls for $1 Billion in Funding for ‘Germ Games’ to Prevent Pandemics, Bioterrorism

One of the world’s richest men, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, is begging for governments to pledge $1 billion per year to fund what he calls “germ games,” where a task force will be formed to “practice” fighting germs to be prepared for future pandemics. 

This funding would also include more vaccine research, and Gates hopes to eradicate the common cold and flu with these “games.”

During a TED Talk in 2015, Gates told the audience that the world was not prepared for the next pandemic, and talked about how vaccines need to be developed to combat this. 

But in another TED Talk, years earlier, Gates told the audience that his focus was on possibly reducing the world’s population by 10-15%, and doing so using vaccines (oh, and abortion too), but mostly vaccines.

While speaking with the chair of the United Kingdom’s Health Select Committee Jeremy Hunt, Gates admitted that the injections for COVID-19 were not effective in reducing transmission.

“You know, we didn’t have vaccines that block transmission. We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduced transmission,” he said. “We need a new way of doing the vaccines.” 

During his interview, Gates made what appeared to be a thinly veiled threat.

He implied that if such a task force was unable to get the funding they needed, then the world would be hugely unprepared if, someone was to say, drop a smallpox bio-weapon on an international airport. 

Gates asked, “OK, what if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to 10 airports? You know, how would the world respond to that?” 

“There’s naturally-caused epidemics and bioterrorism-caused epidemics that could even be way worse than what we experienced today, and yet, the advances in medical science should give us tools that, you know, we could do dramatically better.” 

“So, you‘d think this would be a priority. The next year will be where those allocations have to get made, including this global pandemic task force.” 

With a long history of shady dealings, it’s ironic that the person who is pushing an experimental gene therapy that has potential to kill and injure billions, also provided some of the funding to develop the virus via Wuhan in the first place, and he is lauded as the world’s savior. 

Gates has had a heavy hand in the COVID-19 response. He has zero qualifications in science or medicine, yet it’s expected that taxpayers should foot the bill so Gates can play mad scientist with potentially catastrophic diseases. 

On the surface, Bill Gates is seen as a philanthropist and humanitarian a champion of the destitute, who will rid them of their “diseases of the poor,” as he put it during his talk. 

“So along with the climate message and the ongoing fight against diseases of the poor, pandemic preparedness is something I‘ll be talking about a lot,” Gates said. 

“And I think it‘ll find fertile ground because we lost trillions of dollars and millions of lives and citizens expect their governments not to let that happen again.” 

Well, if that time comes, perhaps it would be prudent to exclude Mr. Gates from the next response. 

His advice has been disastrous at best, but what else would you expect from a Globalist like Bill that’s exactly what he and his fellow overlords, like Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, want.

Chaos, power and DEATH.

52 thoughts on “BIll Gates Calls for $1 Billion in Funding for ‘Germ Games’ to Prevent Pandemics, Bioterrorism”


      1. You are so right. He is a HITLER and you remember what happened in that fiasco. This guy is a nightmare

      2. Anyone knows that why use t he arrested, I mean he is dangerous to society, but why are the illegals don’t get the shot, he still has lots of ppl left.I just can’t comprehend this all.

        1. And it’s not just the Bill Gates of the world it’s a lot of other people and societies and organizations that all the blinded that pay attention to mainstream media only are clueless on.
          I believe the main one of the main reasons for the publicity on vaccine mandates and wearing masks is the scare tactic of them to keep everyone clueless as to what’s going on behind the scenes!

          Why is it, that no one seems to want to mention the name Soros. Mainstream media definitely does not conservative talk shows shy away from it but everybody wants to talk about it. Probably the threat of death or worse from him and his minions.

          Several organizations tied to Soros run, supported end even funded by soros, to be researched and learned about by everyone who cares, include :

          The World Health Organization WHO
          There are hundreds of organizations that get money from the open society foundation that many are unaware of… Catholic charities foundation? Who would have thought.
          BLM Inc

          THE List goes on…

          basically comes down to whatever George Soros wants he can get and he’s not even the wealthiest person in the world

          I can’t post the link here, navigate to

          And look for an expose on George Soros the radical billionaire, watch it and share it with everyone you know who can be enlightened.

          We need to stand up as a country in whichever way we can we need to fight for our freedoms and protect the United States of America because they don’t want it to be that much longer, they want a one rule society one world.

          This station was established fire forefathers under the basis of God who created us…? And we’re just sitting on our hands watching it happen? Whether you have a church that you go to? Whether you believe in god? and if you say you don’t believe in God you already mentioned that you know God because you said that? We need to be on our knees on our faces changing our ways and asking Him, basically praying to Him if it is his will for his protection and his strength to defeat the demons who are trying to overtake this country, this world to remove God from anybody’s thought process brain level and it’s all history written within the Bible…

          In the end? Truth always wins out over lies, light always defeats darkness. No one ever said it was an easy battle and she got to believe it when you pray for it and you got to do whatever action you are capable of doing.
          Whether it’s running to a congress person a senator talking to one person about something positive why are we afraid of the left? Why are we afraid of the woke society we’re way stronger and way better than them EFF em All.. we’re defending our country!!!!!

    2. Biden think he can turn 50 state into one making it easier to dictate policy and hold everything under the federal government control, plus this makes for dictatorship. Biden has no concern for it’s people, it’s creating chaos. It’s the national treasure where government is guilty of a conspiracy against the nation. That’s want Biden is trying to do. Biden is destroying our nation, for things like climate change, he using that to destroy America and the world, where 1% living off the worlds money. They are the anti-christ. Biden is so evil he should be put to death.

    3. If Bill Gates wants to depopulate Earth, shouldn’t he be setting a really good example by committing suicide? I mean, actions speak louder than words.

    4. When he tried back in 2015 and saw that he couldn’t get what he wanted You can see that he started this virus to get the world to do what he wanted I saw an item on here that they took down before I had a chance to copy it where it said that Gates and Obama was over at the lad in China so how do we not know that they didn’t start the virus?

    5. Gates ancestry was into the 1918 Spanish Flu! The involvement was known. Now “gates” is involved in the Billions in all the Big Pharma, with voting stock. Meaning, he can order them to do as he wishes!
      two ears ago, he stated that the earth was OVERpopulated by 2 BILLION PEOPLE.
      Now, “gates” has a patent under his name! Patent # 060606! Made with a French discovery, LUCIFERASE. A binding agent to inject safely NANOBOTS into the human body! With the GRAPHENE already injected through the “FAUX-XI JAB”, the complement will allow the governments to know everyone’s position within 6 inches, thanks to the 5G phones capabilities!
      Mengele did many things like “senile rapist biden” is ordering, and was condemned to death for those procedures on Jews, Blacks, and other undesirables to Hitler!

    6. Its all true what an evil man this is ..all is not what it seems the time will come that which was planned in secret will be exposed because God is the unseen listener to every conversation

    7. Crazy he is not.
      DELUSIONAL he is.
      Hitlerian, he is.
      Just as his buddy, FAUX-XI!
      It is amazing to see what some movies have shown, and some books have spewed.
      Ever seen ” ELYSEUM”??? With Matt Damon?

  1. Typical leftist idiocy: reduce population, but 1. Preach about health care, which perpetuates and increases population, 2. And Open Borders here, which will increase our population, and causes further environmental degradation and destruction, etc., for more housing, food, waste of all kind from them, etc. etc. Completely inconsistent leftist drivel. Not to mention idiocy of COVID hysteria of the left while their Open Borders let in diseased illegals with the and then transports them into our neighborhoods. Can only hope people wake up before leftists give non citizens the vote.

    1. He against whites, he’s just evil. Biden and the Democrats want to bankrupt America, so that they can create a new government. This will be we are ruled by a king, you will conform or die. People need to realize how evil the world is becoming.

      1. This has all been being planned put since the early 90s. Gates and a few other billionaires got Clinton’s into office and then thought they were going to get AL Gore elected but that didn’t work they had to wait again until Obama. Obama is a socialist and Biden is a puppet of the powers that be who are behind d of this. Population control was being planned out by the world elites who see themselves as God’s after all of the horrific starving people and babies in Africa through the 80s and the aids epidemic be I ng spread so rapidly. The global elites think that they should control the planet and who gets to live or die. They want to destabilize US as a World Power because we were using up so much of World’s Resources and other countries are starving. The elites are trying to make us look like vile, selfish people. What they don’t acknowledge is that the reason we had such blessings in life is because we honored and served God the one true God of Israel and protected it. Now that our country is living in abominations against our Creator we will see our demise and one of these global elites may be the anti-Christ. Many of us are going to die, but they will not prevail. Only God’s plan will and He will establish a kingdom on earth of peace for 1,000 years.

    2. You are so right that want to get rid of us white Americans and take America to her knees and bring it all those immigrants of different color.Don’t they see how stupid they sound saying they want to Depopulate BUT want to open the gates and Over populate America.And make our Vets and homeless hurt even more.Someone has to get rid of those American Haters!!!

  2. Bill Gates is puré evil. He can not control this World or people. He needs stop with politics. Who know he May created the viruses. He is puré evil. Some one needs put stop to this and put him in prisión.

    1. Study your Bible we are in the end times. Many people have been led to believe Gates is a wonderful philanthropic person but he has a God complex and he is part of a group of world elites that have been controlling everything from social media, cable media, to Fauci to Congress, to healthcare, education and even Google who is tracking us daily. Gates is one of the largest owners of US farmland,, forestry and fisheries andreal estate too. That should scare you.. We thought JP Morgan was a problem this goes multiple times passes that. They even had insiders and spies inside Trumps administration though many people don’t know.

  3. He should not be allowed to fund ANYTHING that remotely touches on anything medical or sniffs of it. His wife funneled money away from joint accounts and she’s just sitting back and waiting for the crap to hit the fan. He’s gotten way to big for his britches. Arrest them all.

      1. I believe the Good Lord has already punched Joe Bidens’ “Card”, for Slo Joe Biden is more and more rapidly descending into Dementia – by the week we can see the deterioration in what remains of his mental acuity – and that’s not a lot !
        To think that this apology for a man actually has immediate access to The Nuclear Button – but Sorry – I was forgetting that the General Millet Pentagon has promised to warn China BEFORE Biden can hit the Button – and we can assume this applies to anyone else who can tick the “brave Generals'” accounts and gain his “Loyalty” !
        God Help America – she is sorely in need of some right now !

  4. Bill Gates sounds like a terrorist to me. Perhaps he needs investigating..He actually sounds like a crazy person. If he wants to play germ games let him use his own Billions. The American people are footing crazy Joe’s laws and mandates.

    1. Gates is an evil troll. He should have been in a mental ward years ago. He and his immoral actions are disgusting
      Fauci is a disgusting liar just like biden etal.

  5. Thank goodness finally someone who know who Gates really is! Gates and Fauci went to school together! FAUCIS WIFE WORKS AT NIH! They have had this plan in the works for years and if Trump hadn’t got in they would have done it the! GATES THINKS TO SAVE THE WORLD HE NEEDS TO ‘ THIN THE HERD ‘!

  6. Why arnt the evil doers removed from this plain of existence? With the money these evil people have amassed we could pay of our debt. The new world order should be the people removing the rot of the evil rich. Ga…,Zu……..,Pe….., Cli…… and so on. They all need jailed and stripped of there wealth. Anyone that uses there wealth and power to rig elections, change laws , or mess with our constitution to benefit themselves should be an enemy of America and her people. When will we all open our eyes to the tyranny and illegitimate leaders of this great nation? Those who think they are above the law are ruining America. Will we all just sit back and let it happen? Now we cant even speak our minds or try to come together as a group because they own all the media and they prosecute anyone who stands against them. Thoze with a voice are terrorists they say. I ask who is the real terrorist?

    1. The rich are the New World Order. The Rothschild Crime Cartel is the financial head of the NWO with trillions of dollars to do most anything their evil hearts desire !!!

    2. Add other world leaders Schwab, Rockefellars, Soros, Prince Charles and Buffet to the list of elites. They want the power to play.God. They think we are ignorant, selfish deplorable and don’t care about others.

  7. Well I hope his father and Bill Gates drop dead. Two less will not help population but it will rid the world of some obnoxious failures as a compassionate humans. Money does not make the man.

    1. What do we do until he drops dead, I feel same thing about Biden, he’s a worthless human being much like Hitler and other leaders including Obama butt, he’s acteraled this moment to crunch progressive think, you conform or die. That’s he’s trying to do with mandates. And people thought he would be better than TRUMP. All Biden does is criticize for everything that doesn’t work for his agenda. Remember Biden is the most evil person on the planet. And “I can get away thing said about me”.

  8. We wouldn’t be over populated if biden never opened the borders, you guys aren’t God, so stop playing him. God don’t like ugly and your gonna pay for what your doing

    1. I say is so evil it scares, his actions remind me of the movie Dr. No most villain think they are above the law, they talking about killing millions, that’s what Biden is trying to do, along with Pelosi, and Schumer they will murderer your enemies for you, killing people is what they do best. So I hope continues to shit on himself, he a toxic person much like obama.

    2. The open borders from the south is to bring so much disease to wipe us out. That is part of the plan. I almost died in 1992 after doing volunteer work in Guatemala on a college missions trip. My health has never been the same almost 30 years later. Dr says I can never be overweight, drink or smoke or my kidneys will fail before age 60 due to the parasite I contracted. Why are the immigrants not being vaccinated and quarantined? Because they are the bioweapon.

  9. Gates is an evil troll. He should have been in a mental ward years ago. He and his immoral actions are disgusting
    Fauci is a disgusting liar just like biden etal.

  10. Gates, mistakenly thinks he’s God. He and Fauci, should be imprisoned for crimes against humanity. Then hung

  11. If Bill Gates believes this is the right thing to do, then it is only right he should be #1 experiment. I sure won’t miss him.

  12. I don’t think they should de-populate us….they are the ones needing de-population!!! All the Deep State, including Gates!!! Just think how many less evil beings would be left on the earth! But I do pray that to avoid God’s wrath that they would repent and turn to Jesus. HE is their only hope….HE will forgive their sin and remember them not. BUT if they continue in their sin, on the day of judgement – I would not like to be them.

  13. Bill needs to step and up and start the process with all his rich elitest buddies. Show us how clown. We need examples of how the process works first. Your first Bill Gates , your bright idea now implement it . Let’s go Brandon #FJB

    1. Sounds to me just like Gretel saving her brother, Hansel, from the witch. She pretended not to know what to do with the oven that the witch planned to cook her in. She claimed to be the stupid one and told the witch she would have to “show her”. The stupid witch fell for it and then Gretel quickly shoved the witch into the oven and saved her brother. (a classic “fairy tale” where the innocent children win out over evil)

  14. All that I can say is that the American Citizens are not going to sit back and allow this to go on much longer and Bill Gates as well. We the people will at some point, are going to rise up and take back our Nation from these evil Globalists and these evil Anti-God Wealthy Elitists.

  15. Is there anyone out there who has the knowledge and capability to take a deep dive into the “Follow the Money Trail” on the so called new vaccines. For example Phizer recently announced record sales of over $36 billion, the highest amount in history for a “drug” in the industry. That is a lot of dough to pass around and you see Phizer doing just that with ads that dominate the airwaves on all the big left wing media stations. There are plenty of other ways to enhance their position and influence with big bucks to doctors and medical groups. How about big donations to politicians? Guess who owns large shares in these Big Pharma companies? And how about some detail on all those that have financial interests in the patents? Inquiring minds need to know. And how can Phizer make so much money when their injections are basically given away for no charge or even given away with financial or merchandise or special favor inducements? Big Brother behind it all?

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