Biden Seeks Oil From Marxist Leader Maduro, Refuses to Start American Oil Production

It seems that the Biden Administration is maybe just a little bit hypocritical? While the White House condemns the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s move into Ukraine, and the media paints him as “worse than Hitler,” the Biden administration is getting cozy with Venezuela. 

If you hadn’t been paying attention over the past few years, Venezuela – which used to be the wealthiest country in South America – has had its vast wealth squandered by their Marxist leaders, first in Hugo Chavez and then Maduro. 

It got so chaotic in Venezuela, the citizens were forced to eat their pets and whatever else they could trap, like rats.

It looks like Biden might want to bring that to America.

Instead of allowing more drilling projects, pipelines and production in the United States – something Trump was able to do – the Biden Administration would rather give American tax dollars to Venezuela to purchase oil from Marxists.

Biden has already been caught out giving billions of dollars, alongside his then boss Obama, to another despotic regime, Iran. 

One could easily point out the hypocrisy of such acts by the Biden administration, they condemn Putin’s behavior with one hand, then take from “leaders” who literally starve their populations, with the other. 

This past weekend, Biden sent a delegation to Venezuela to work out a deal – one that is highly unnecessary since America has more than enough capacity to become completely energy independent. reported: 

Senior U.S. officials on Saturday went to Venezuela, a Russian ally, to meet with the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, people familiar with the matter told The New York Times. 

A delegation including senior State Department and White House officials is traveling to the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, sources told the Times. 

It is not known how long the officials will stay in Venezuela or who they will be meeting with. 

This comes as Venezuela and fellow Latin American Russia allies Nicaragua and Cuba this week abstained or did not vote on United Nations resolutions condemning Russian aggression, according to the Times, indicating that the countries may be distancing themselves from Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. 

Maduro has also signaled that he would be open to restarting Venezuela’s oil trade with the U.S. as President Biden mulls reducing U.S. imports of Russian oil. 

“Here lies the oil of Venezuela, which is available for whomever wants to produce and buy it, be it an investor from Asia, Europe or the United States,” Maduro said Thursday, according to the Times. 

This will be the most high-level meeting between the U.S. and Venezuela in Venezuela’s capital city in years, the Times noted. 

Venezuela and the U.S. severed all diplomatic relations in 2019 following the Trump administration’s recognition of opposition leader Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president after Maduro secured a second term in an election deemed illegitimate by most of the international community. 

Maybe the friendship comes from a common place of understanding – both Maduro and Biden are illegitimate Presidents. 

Elections have consequences and illegitimate ones, as we have seen with Venezuela – can be disastrous.

27 thoughts on “Biden Seeks Oil From Marxist Leader Maduro, Refuses to Start American Oil Production”

  1. Why in Gods Name Hasn’t anyone with an ounce of BRAINES to be able to see what this Bafoon is doing to this country….Some Please Put a STOP TO THIS MADDNESS THAT IS HAPPENING IN THESE UNITED STATES BY THIS PINO

    1. Hard to believe what this administration is doing to America .If a person including the president breaks the law[some thing surley] our fore fathers have put in consitituon that probably can be found should be inforced.I think everyone is afraid of the 4 radical people.They have found proff of the Democrat citys creating ways to cheat so they could win..Biden and the house have killed so many good people including rape of the children, The republicans are fighting but they are going to have enough guts to bring the administration down.

  2. We were oil independent under Trump and exporting rather than buying oil . What part about funding Putin’s war dont the ilegitiment idiot Joe Biden get ? The Keystone can still be finished and fix this problem if Joe ever decides to pull his head from his ass . But it’s been stuck there for 50 years so I don’t see that happening !

    1. have you not thought about what you asked? bribem is supporting Russia’s expansion into Ukraine. someone should check his bank accounts, because I bet you money, Putin is paying him. or his worthless spawn. he is doing exactly what Obama and Soros want him to. they want the downfall of America. have worked for this end for years and years. obama brought us the culture we now have. rampant sexual deviants, plying their insane and evil ideas to our school children. praising abominations like queers, and transgenders. these people are mentally ill. they belong in therapy, not spewing this to the masses. there is nothing admirable about a sexual deviant. it is a sin, and to be pitied. yet they are under cover in our elementary schools, and in places that put them in charge of educating our most precious commodity. the youth of American future. Biden is doing what he is directed. we must wait a little longer to overthrow this regime. after the midterms, you will see America rise up and demand this heathen behavior end. we must vote conservative, republican values. it appears Clinton is going to run again in 2024, and again will have her hat handed to her. unless they crank up the most underhanded political machine they used in 2020. we must be vigilant to overthrow this cheating mess. volunteer at your polls. volunteer to count the ballots. demand that the dominion democratic cheating machines are not used in your state. advocate for in person one day voting. no same day registrations. demand i.d. before allowing anyone to vote. send police into the nursing homes to watch the ballots and make sure the person is cognizant of what they are doing. this will go a long way to stopping the cheat. have 24-7 watchers standing at the ballot drop off boxes. no mass drop offs. we can combat this. just have to be more vigilant and learn the demon rat party cheating mechanisms. watch Zuckerberg donate another half billion to keep the rats in power. get off farce book and twatter. they aren’t your friends. get on conservative sites. shut down the political motivated sites like the aforementioned. watch t.v. that is truthful. not the abc channels. learn about the candidates that are for America, not themselves. you are smart. VOTE LIKE IT.

      1. Biden probably paid off by the Chinese not to produce energy. Obama was trained by his CIA mother how to overthrow African countries, and is now doing it in the U.S..

      2. I’ve been saying all long, FOLLOW THE MONEY! Biden & his family are raking in so much money from China, Russia and who knows where else. He’ll be set for the rest of is life & his kid’s lives. Just like Nancy Pelosi!


  4. Maybe the answer to all our questions is that the White House, the USA has already been taken over by CHINA. Biden being used as a puppet?

  5. The USA is a Republic with a Constitution that places the office of President on top of the Executive Branch as well as the Commander and Chief of our armed forces. The first responsibility of the President is the safety of the country. Again, we have a President, not a king, dictator or power hungry Globalist. Biden has been an abysmal failure in general but a catastrophic failure at protecting the American people. Placing aside the facts uncovered by investigations into the vote irregularities, frauds and treasons in several states that have proven that Trump won the election making Biden an illegal President. Again, put that aside for a second as it is both Biden’s treasons in his horrendous pull-out of Afghanistan and his misguided handling of the American gas and oil industries and the Covid crisis along with his illegal mandates that beg his immediate impeachment. And of course, their is still his apparent illegal activities as Vice Preident outlined in Hunter Bidens laptop as well as his bragging about illegally bringing down the Attorney General of Ukraine.

    Now, the meat of all this is his handling of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At present Russia is acting as an enemy of the America as well as being guilty of war crimes. Biden’s responsibility is to defend America and not to continue buying oil from an enemy where the profits bolsters Russia’s economy and fuels it war against Ukraine, an ally of the USA. Now Biden sends a delegation another enemy of America, Venezuela to offer reducing our sanctions against that Marxist nation and beg them to increase oil production and sell it to America. This instead of admitting he was wrong to place restrictions on domestic oil and gas production. By any stretch of the imagination this is ludicrous as well as contrary to his responsibility to protect the USA. Their are Constitutional as well as legal measures stop Biden. Congress and the Attorney General have to live up to the Constitution and proceed to legally and Constitutionally investigate and prosecute Biden for his actions and impeach him for the same

      1. Do you really think that the Dems will vote to impeach their “fearless” leader? I doubt it. We are all just pissing in the wind. The puppit masters will never give up.

    1. when the folks that have the ability to impeach bribem are on his team, do you actually think that they will bite the hand that feeds them? ruin their political career and that never-ending flow of bribes, pay offs, and insider trading knowledge?????? I dont think so. in this country, the majority party in both houses have control. since both are now demon rat held, we are up the creek until the party of sanity and morals can take both houses. just wait for it. it is coming faster than you think. but we have to be smart. can’t have bribem impeached, with KA MA LA ascending to the seat. it. has to be done one rat at a time. go for speaker, then go for KA MA LA., THEN go for bribem. that way the speaker will become president. many have said that Donald Trump will be named speaker. he will then finish out bribems term, and be re-elected to four more of his own. that is how you solve the demon rat problem we now face. bribem gave Putin the nordstream pipeline. Putin built up his financial coffers, then went into Ukraine. bribem closed keystone so this could happen. again, I say, look to bribems accounts to see how much this cost us. he didn’t do it out of brotherly love, he only works for the greenback. he is the most worthless human we have ever had in the Whitehouse. bar none. thanks to all the little blue haired ladies that thought this turd was so “cute”. hope you are loving the price you paid. hope all your stocks and other wealth becomes greatly de-valued. you asked for it.

  6. Anybody who believes anything these democrats are doing are fools! Biden need taken out! He has done everything against the CONSTITUTION LAWS of this country! And from a standpoint if you are supporting him you need to be taken out as well! You deserve nothing but a lifetime in a prison cell or six feet of dirt! I am just getting started! Every fools who believes anything off of these liberals news network are just plain dumb! Here what you don’t understand, these networks jobs is to tell you actually what the government want you to hear or read. But twisted the truth about it that you believe the “LIES”! Biden did not win the election. From the CONSTITUTION STANDPOINT we have a TYRANNY GOVERNMENT WE ARE BY LAWS ALLOWED TO OVERTHROW! Even if it mean by force! His supporters in those crazy mind on drugs group don’t care about the future of the country. They think it will be here in the next 100 years! Even if they claim there ” NO GOD”! Which these ATHEIST THINK! We have gone from four years of blessing with a great economy to a disgrace fool who hate America! Bible tell us this would happen before the end time! So Biden just speed it up to happen because he all about greedy like the other evil politicians.

  7. VOTE !!! “VOTE” Yes the voter registration HAS to be “CLEANED UP !!! We still have the RITE to VOTE these MORONIC FAILURES out of every office everywhere in OUR U S A !!! This must start by voting NOV.2022 & NOV.2024 !!!

  8. We do the crime but never the time, CAN’T BELIEVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTED FOR A COMMUNIST TO RUN OUR COUNTRY. The Amazings Biden’s? LET’S JUST CALL THIS BS FXXXIN AMAZING, BIDEN WHO SHARED A OFFICE WITH HUNTER SAID HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT HUNTER WAS DOING, HUNTER BIDEN WHO SHARED AN OFFICE WITH ARCHER HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS DOING, THIS MAKES THE BIDEN’S THE MOST AMAZING FXXXIN OFFICE PARTNERS ON THE PLANET. Hunter Biden, the disgraced “First Son” of the United States who still hasn’t divested from his 10% equity stake in Chinese investment fund Bohai Harvest RST, is in the news again after it was revealed that his former business partner was sentenced to one year in prison Devon Archer was sentenced to a year in prison last Monday for his involvement in a scheme that would have defrauded a Native American tribe of around $60 million.Judge Ronnie Abrams of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, also ordered Archer to pay $43,427,436 in restitution for his crimes, and to forfeit an additional $15,700,513.

  9. The Biden Administration is doing what it can to make Americans more poor to make The People more dependent on government, it’s called “SOCIALISM”! It hasn’t worked before and it won’t work NOW, just another symptom of a FAILING GOVERNMENT! Power & Control= The Democrat Motto!

  10. The Nazis are in the White House and if you’re not careful which you already aren’t you everybody’s been getting this wonderful covered shot that’s given everybody heart attack true known fact there is too many people in the country but murdering them isn’t the way to do it let nature take its course and quit playing God the only way it’s going to change and be like the Romans talking’s over either be sheep or wolves so there’s going to be a lot of dead bodies before it’s over thank you democrat

  11. Joe Biden has always been on the wrong side of every decision for 50 years. Obama said that we should not underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up. Well here we are. Joe is the front man for all the socialist haters of America and it shows in every decision made since he was put in office. The whole point of everything they do it to destroy the middle class. He answers to the his liberal elite puppet masters. WAKE the F**K up! We have to get rid of this criminal immediately.

  12. Just like with the second oil crisis ion the 70’s when Americans were told there was no more oil….only to find out that the tankers were parked outside the New Jersey coast thanks to Heraldo Rivera, Americans need to boycott by driving less like we did back then. It brought the oil industry and the corrupt government to their knees. After A couple of weeks there was suddenly plenty of fuel oil and the price at the pumps went down! We can’t let Biden play us like this. We need to produce our own fuel. It will actually be less destructive to the environment because it won’t have to be shipped from the other side of the world….

  13. These are the kinds of things that happen to a once great nation that so many have given their lives for when people ignore fraudulent elections. This is the result of expecting corrupt politicians to stop the communist takeover of our country. Cowards!

  14. Past time to impeach this 1/2 brain dead idiot and #2 (everythings a joke) n #3 the Drunk of the House control freak). This present administration is a insult and a disgrace to every hardworking American taxpaying citizen. If things dont radically change politically in the Legislature during the midterms. You can damn well bet the Vote and voice of “We the People” (the cornerstone to our very Democracy) is not relevant anymore. We shall see soon enough!

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