Russia Reveals U.S. Involvement in Ukraine Biolabs, Violates United Nations Treaties

New documents have come out of the Russian Federation that show that Ukraine has been violating United Nations treaties by operating bio labs near the Russian border and American taxpayers paid for it.

The Ukrainian labs were developing biological agents like anthrax and the plague and these would obviously have deadly consequences if turned into a bio weapon and as Russian troops moved into Ukraine, the Pentagon ordered these labs to be destroyed.

Translated into English, a memo reads: “The Ministry of Health of Ukraine in connection with the imposition of martial law in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine from 24.02.2022 No 64/2022, requests to ensure the emergency destruction of biological pathogens used to ensure quality management system laboratory tests in the attached order.”

So, the United States and Ukraine, along with NATO, knew that if Putin found the bio labs, they would be caught red handed. So they ordered the facilities to be destroyed.

The Pentagon has been operating a network of bio labs across the globe in around 25 countries, including Ukraine.

Of note, these facilities are developing biological weapons that have had outbreaks over the past 20 years, and they are run by a $2.1 billion military program, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) managed by the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP). Ebola had an outbreak in West Africa and H1N1 swept around the world in 2009.

One report revealed that these labs are being directly run by Washington D.C. saying, “Ukraine has no control over the military bio-laboratories on its own territory,”

“According to the 2005 Agreement between the U.S. Department of Defense (Dod) and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ukrainian government is prohibited from public disclosure of sensitive information about the U.S. program and Ukraine is obliged to transfer to the U.S. DoD dangerous pathogens for biological research.”

It makes sense that mainstream media would react the way they have to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The covid pandemic already revealed even more how dishonest they are, and now they’re pushing Americans to donate to the Ukrainian government.

It seems the control systems they use are being ratcheted up to continue their brainwashing of the masses. Of course anything out of the narrative is labeled “misinformation.”

It’s clear that there is a war going on, and everyday people have been at the losing end for quite some time.

Since the world’s population has been increasingly medicated, our quality of life has continued to take a nosedive.

We are fatter, sicker, and dumber than we ever have been before in history. Even cavemen knew not to take things into their bodies that may have been harmful.

The covid pandemic was only the precursor for what is to come, it was a way to see how compliant the world’s population is, how much people will take, how much their freedoms can be quietly eroded, until they don’t exist anymore.

55 thoughts on “Russia Reveals U.S. Involvement in Ukraine Biolabs, Violates United Nations Treaties”

  1. Joe Biden and his son Hunter are both criminals and have been involved in Ukraine since the corrupt Obama administration . Does this information surprise anyone ? The Democrats have been stoking a war in Ukraine and In the United states. They will keep it up until civil war breaks out on American soil and then they will blame conservatives . They love to commit crimes and then deflect and accuse others of doing what they have been doing by coverup things up . They are experts at deception !

    1. Biden was the VP when “44 the TRAITOR” installed bio-labs in Ukraine. Everything going on now stems from the WORST TRAITOR the USA has ever seen.
      Even with all the TRAITORS caught since Julius and Ethel put together, the amount of treason effectively done by obama the TRAITOR surpasses all those actions of singular people.

      1. Don’t forget that traitor 44 also helped China get grants through NIH and Fauci.

    2. The Globalists have been ramping up other pandemics in these labs to reduce the population of the world. They are basically Nazis in their blatant disrespect of human life.

    3. We all know the dem’s sitting in our White House are communist’s and corrupt doesn’t even cover it. When Trump gets back into office and they know he’s going to be fired or put in jail. Biden committed quid pro quo and in front of the media he admitted it and was actually proud of it but they tried to impeach Pres. Trump for that and he didn’t do it. They have done every thing they can against the law or our constitution. They’ve started race wars in this country and now they are trying to push race was in the middle of the war. They are pushing abortion to be legal in other countries and if they don’t do what they want them to they think they have the right to freeze their bank accounts. We americans need to stop this shit and if it means forcing them out of the white house then so be it’ Time for the revolution to begin and they aren’t going to like how that turns out for them. They want to burn down every ones business well they have homes that can be burnt down also. So let them think about that before they do it again. And think about this what government turn their back on their borders and let child trafficing and drugs come into the country unless the are making money doing that??????????????????????????????????? Is anyone following the money trail from the border to the white house???? I don’t think so. Someone should be because that’s what is happening you can bet the farm on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. If they are complicit in all of this shite, they are guilty of Treason and deserve to be jailed for the rest of their lives. Property forfeited, bank accounts seized with stocks, bonds and other fiscal investments. Throw away the keys these people aren’t human beings their monsters. Our worst nightmare as a country.

        1. Jail is too good for them. The penalty for treason is death. Mass extermination of these rodents is the only answer.

        2. i have said it bill clinton time from he was governor he should have been jail obama is a traitor to black people and should have tried for treason with BIDEN BOTH OF THEM WHEN THEY SEND #4 PALLETS OF AMERICA TAX PAYERS MONEY, PUT THEM AGAINST A WALL AND (SHOOT THEM) CASE CLOSE THAT WOULD BE JUSTIFIED

      2. The only way to officially prove this is either by The Freedom of Information Act, which takes years to receive and then it is heavily redacted, or by the press, which are on the democrats pay roll. If you know of a better way, put it here on this article.

      3. I like you’re style Dude!
        As a patriot for America, we all need to come together and impeach, arrest, do away with all leftist democrats.
        God Bless the Real America, and you too!

      4. The Dims and some Repubs will tie President Trumps hands like they did before unless there is a plan that will happen as soon as he takes oath

    4. That’s a big Commie trait. Do it then blame it on the other guy. The Russians have been doing it since about 1917 or 1918. And the demo-rats are good students of Commie Tactics. Stand by folks, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!

    5. Utterly amazing that it isn’t obvious to everyone. Talk about dumb! Liberals have become experts at accusing conservatives for exactly what liberals have been and are doing. That behavior is so blatant that how can anyone with at least half a brain not notice?

    6. The Biden’s syndicate has far reaching tentacles. Strange things are starting to appear all around this administration, that are being shrugged off as misinformation. BRING ON BRANDON AND KAMALA !!? & MISS INFORMATION !!

  2. We need to put the Democrat’s involved in prison the Biden family, the Vice president and all people in the in his cabinet also imprison Bill Gates, George Soros and any person involved in Treasonous activity

    1. Pl, let’s don’t 4get Pelosi, Schumer,
      Zuckerberg, BIG Tech and BIG Pharma!!
      I’m sure dat they’re quick a few more. Yes there is, Clinton, Obama too


  3. We have learned in the past two years that “COVID” came from a laboratory and not a wet market, that it is an artificially-created virus rather than a naturally-occurring one, that it is identical to one developed by Moderna and that the vaccine for it was developed by IG Pfizer before the virus was released. It is also clear that the plans for mask mandates, lockdowns, forcible mass inoculation, massive expansion of the police powers of the state and widespread economic transformation were created well before the first viral “cases” were reported. It appears that the plan to inappropriately diagnose “cases” in huge numbers with the Polymerase Chain Reaction technique and the sudden and mysterious death of the technique’s Nobel laureate developer predated the “COVID” outbreak. The recent revelations about Obama-Biden funding of secret biological warfare laboratories in Ukraine, installed just after Soros arranged the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. suggest that this series of catastrophes has been from start to finish a plot by Gates, Schwab, Soros and the oligarchs who have amassed trillions of dollars and unprecedented power throughout the world in the past two years, and that the Obammunist party, Biden and probably Obama as well, have been deeply involved in the scheme.

    1. Nothing that Biden has done will surprise me. Both Putin AND Biden should be tried as war criminals in my opinion !!

    2. Don’t forget to include the corrupt Clinton Foundation, as the Clintons have been heavily involved as well.

    3. Nice to know that someone else sees what these evil Globalists are doing. In UK they have euthanized thousands of old people in nursing homes with a drug that was ordered by one of the government demons.

    4. If the Clinton’s, Obamas, and Bidens aren’t punished here on earth, I hope I live long enough to here them screaming from hell.

  4. You can see the trail of lies and payments to the POS in office and his sons as far back as when he was a lousy senator and as a do-nothing VP. This man and his family as well as the current administration are TRAITORS and CROOKS and are putting out COUNTRY in grave danger. With the asinine domestic and foreign policies he is pushing he and his administration are DESTROYING this country all because of OBNOXIOUS GREED and POWER CONTROL.

  5. Isn’t it odd, that the list of the people, agencies and organizations who have been engaged in this immoral and illegal bullshit around the world and all over America is identical to the list of anti-Trumpers? Coincidence?

  6. These wicked people are not afraid to do these evil things because nobody can stop them from doing those things They are very powerful and we , the people can’t do anything but to complain and talk against them . All we can do is just pray and ask for help from our Lord Jesus Christ. He is definitely coming soon to destroy these evil people.

  7. DemRats evil policies have no end. All od them including social media academia to be added to list you guys already mention. But who is going to stop those Traitors? Where is God when we need him. Where is Trump, he saw all of there crap and DemRats as well as RinoRats are trying very very hard to put him away. Bushes Cheyennes Romneys McConnells like also. God help us.

    1. Anna,
      God is right where he is supposed to be. He alone cannot save us. We must believe in Him and step up and into the battle for our lives and freedoms. Winning back our freedoms will not be free. Blood will need to be shed. Keyboard warriors will not win the battle. Pray for a leader that has the wisdom and courage to lead for the sake of righteousness. So far, IMO, that leader has not emerged. When they do, we must get behind them and save our country, our future and our families even at the expense of our own lives.

  8. All the talk of what needs to be done is just that,TALK. Where are our conservative leaders? When will we form militias and stop this illegal tyranny? Everyone needs to arm up and join together to defend our Constitution. It’s now or never. I will lead a group in my area. I will be first to fight and die for my family. Will anyone else join me?

  9. Thank you for telling the truth. It is a sobering fact that Biden and the power elite behind him are the true villains and not Putin. What Putin is doing to fight against and expose the depth of the New World Order’s involvement in inventing and spreading these plagues is, in my view, almost heroic. Besides, that Zelensky guy is nothing but a real Bozo.

  10. This is Soros socialism at its worse and corrupt demorats are so hypnotized by this corrupt pos and hes says it all the time! He wants world domanation and open borders and one currency! Americans are spoiled and need taught a lesson! We cant allow this old fool to ruin America through corrupted demorats! They must be voted out and they will cheat anyway they can! News will lie for them as they own them to brainwash America! We have to stick together and fight these fools! Expose these fools! They will ruin America and we have fought to hard to let them throw it away! Obama and Biden has weakened America! Soros must be sent to Gitmo!

  11. leaking out- all need to be hung in public square for all to see
    don’t forget white water and fetus stem cell research – hillary
    freeze all their accounts and more to come
    they have ruined america and screwed the people

  12. What is going on in our country is like a bad movie except it is real. We are just in the beginning stages. They are trying to depopulate the world for their one world order. There really is no where to escape what is happening right now. The terriorists are coming in from the border. The vacinnes have killed many and hopefully many who have taken it, will not die. Whatever the government mandates, in my opinion, is always NOT a good thing. More pandemics will come, of that I am sure.

    Biden, as we all know is the worst puppet .. just the fact that he won’t drill in US but will beg others to drill for us at a higher price is not unpoluting the planet. The man has absoluely no common sense, nor does the person who is pulling his strings. I do believe we will have much civil unrest and we will end up in a nuclear war with Russia whether we help close the skies over Ukraine or not. Biden is weak and has no communication skills or common sense. All we can do is to prepare to survive if when it happens and pray, pray, pray I am wrong. Better to prepare for the worst and if it does not happen, it will be a blessing. My husband thinks I might be over reacting but I think he will greatly appreciate me preparing if the worst does happen.

  13. And yet, our entire government is so corrupt that we know nothing will be done to any of them

  14. Well that means we do what the Romans did we kill them all simple as that that includes families kids everybody every Democrat around kill him and put them in the ground get your yellow jacket off of your back

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