Democrats Urge Unity, Then Immediately Call for President Trump’s Impeachment

Democrats finally got what they wanted — Joe Biden certified as the nation’s next president. Following a week of chaos, Democrat leaders called the nation to calm and to unity—then promptly demanded President Trump be impeached or they would enforce the 25th Amendment.

Squad member Ilhan Omar of Minnesota was quick to tweet, “Articles of Impeachment for introduction, so proud of everyone co-leading this effort with us. We need to move quickly to remove this President from office.”

Apparently, Democrats define unity as working together to impeach Republican Presidents.

By the way, they already attempted impeachment based on one phone call they did not like. Did it work? Of course not! The multi-month campaign merely served to grind ongoing hatred toward President Trump based on their own bias rather than any real crime.

Interesting how history quickly repeats itself. Yes, some rioters stormed the Capitol building following a March for Trump rally. Was it his fault? Did he commit any crimes?

In contrast, the entire 2020 Presidential election served as an endless buffet of crimes in key battleground states. Despite hundreds of thousands of questionable votes in Pennsylvania alone, Democrats wave their hand like a Jedi and claim, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along.”

Yet Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment statement speaks of an event that happened only in her imagination. She noted, “Yesterday, the President of the United States incited an armed insurrection against America. The gleeful desecration of the U.S. Capitol, which is the temple of our American democracy, and the violence targeting Congress are horrors that will forever stain our nation’s history–instigated by the President of the United States. That’s why this is such a stain. In calling for this seditious act, the President has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people.”

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A few fact-checks of Pelosi’s statement are worth noting. First, the President did not tell people to begin an armed insurrection. In fact, firearms were banned from the entire area.

Second, what is this armed insurrection Pelosi mentions? The rioters shown across the world’s media were armed with iPhones and cameras, not firearms.

Third, Trump soundly condemned the violence against the US Capitol. He was not part of a “gleeful desecration.” Remember, this is the President who hugged the flag and spoke of his love for America.

Fourth, there was no violence targeting Congress. Not a single Congress member was touched or physically attacked. Vandalism and trespassing, perhaps, but protestors did not attack law enforcement officers. The single shooting death reported was a DC officer shooting a US military veteran.

And by the way, the 25th Amendment involves a process that requires at least 21 days. As of January 7, President Trump has only 13 remaining days to serve.

The real reason Democrats are pressing this issue now is not because they really care about impeaching President Trump. It’s because they want to pre-emptively remove the option of him running for office again in 2024. The final lines of their proposed articles of impeachment read:

“Wherefore, Donald John Trump, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen. Maybe President Trump will find a way to return and become President Trump once again.

20 thoughts on “Democrats Urge Unity, Then Immediately Call for President Trump’s Impeachment”

  1. Democrats calling for unity, but threatening our freedom of speech, seem to me they’re spoiling for a fight!
    Be careful what you wish for!

    1. For some unholy and unknown reason Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Demokrat Socialist “leaders” seem intent upon instigating a civil war. Where is “President-elect” Joe Biden ( who claimed he “is the Democrat Party” Why isn’t he telling the Rsdical Left to “stand down”?

      1. Good ole Joey!! He’s preached UNITY….where is it?? Definitely, NOT within the Capital??
        He has stoked resentment (or whatever one wishes to call it)!! Just what is his definition of ‘UNITY”??????

  2. Nancy Pelosi calls President Trump unhinged. Just watch her speak on the current issues and you will see a ranting raving mentality ill person. Chuck Shuemer is not far behind with his rantings. Neither seem to realize that the President has by my estimate 100 million supporters. Nancy Pelosi and Chucky best back up and look at the big picture. Pushing this Country to the brink of Civil War is very dangerous thing. Nancy and Chucky best realize that President Trump Supporters are not going to sit back and watch them try to impeach their President again. Presidents Trumps action since the election only reflects what his supporters wanted him to do. He did not tell anyone or incite anyone to break into the Capital Building. Its obvious the group of people responsible for the breakin had it planned out for a while and would have done it reguardlous of whether the President made a speech that day or not. Wake up Democrats and see if your minds are capable of doing anything other than attack President Trump.

    1. Nuff said. As everyone has witnessed, including the left, there are two standards in this country. The divisiveness was manufactured in the term prio to President Donald Trump. Hatred and vitriol was openly displayed by the administration previous to President Donald Trump. An earlier contributor was spot on with the observation of Pelosi and Schumer. They suffer terminal Trump Hatred syndrome. I personnaly have never seen this much hatred exhibited openly toward any one person in my life. They, the left, are obviously fearful or envious of what President Trump accomplished in his service. Others around the world recognized his accomplishments. We stand strong and united in our conviction to uphold the constitution. The left has resorted to behaving like spoiled children.

    2. The “queen” & her henchmen (like Chuckie) are drunk right now, & in that state, they’ll carry on….with their underlings afraid of to say “stop,” since they’re afraid of their own shadows!

  3. I see a civil war coming, They don’t know what they are doing, They better wake up before it’s to late.

    1. My grandfather said we’d have a 2nd Civil War. Wish I’d not laughed at that thought!!
      Seems it’s coming… I pray not.

  4. One more thing, If the left thinks that we are going to sit by and watch them ruin our country they better think twice. I am a Viet Nam veteran and put my life on the line for our freedom, And will do it again if I have to. They couldn’t get him out of office for 4 years, they tried everything and failed, The only way was to cheat. And Romney that piece of shit. His days are numbered. I believe in Karma. This all will come back and bite them on there pompous asses! They will pay a price for there arrogance and there thirst for power.

  5. Hey Pelosi and Schumer remember this, GET IN THERE FACE TELL THEM YOUR NOT WANTED HERE. You accepted and incited violence in this country. MAXINE WATERS.!!! Hypocrites.. All 3 of you assholes should be behind bars.. You have ruined this country. NEVER UNITE!!! We republicans stand united..

  6. Nancy Pelisi, Chuck Shumer and all the other treasonous lawmakers are the ones needing removal from office. Maybe it is time for the use of firing squads!! These treasonous people have done irreperable damage to my wonderful AMERICA!! I love my country!!

  7. Pukelosi ,scummer and all the demonrats and fake republicans need to go now. YOU HAVE RUINED OUR COUNTRY AND SOLD YOUR SOULS TO THE DEVIL. I have never seen so much hate come from people who are supposed to be working for ALL OF our country. YOU turned your back on the USA for money from China. YOU lined your pockets while letting people lose their whole life businesses and savings. Then you have the nerve to say that OUR REAL PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP should be impeached. YOU accused him of inciting riots and is mentally unhinged and unworthy of holding office. And you think the fool you put into office is mentally able to do things any BETTER? HE wants to bring ” peace and healing to bring our country together” Then the as whole encourages impeachment or the 25 deal. YOUR WHOLE CORRUPT POLITICIANS ARE THE ONES WHO NEED IMPEACHED. And you fake republicans need to go too. The republicans who oppose this stupid vendetta against our President should have the balls to stand up and say “NO ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” There are only a few days left for our President Trump. If the who say they still support him really do, then they should do what is right. Save the money that our taxpayers pay your wages with. Save his integrity, and if you really care, save his ability to keep his ability to come back and have a political career again if he chooses to. YOU know what pukes and summer want. If the republicans don’t think enough of YOURSELVES to stand up for him then YOU ARE JUST AS CROOKED AS THE REST OF THE SEWER RATS YOU USED TO BE AGAINST.

  8. The DEMORATS want unity behind THEM to destroy the Constitution! That is their ONLY mission is to make this country a Communist/Socialist country! Being a veteran, I am literally sick over what is happening and am actually now taking anti-depressant meds (that don’t seem to be working because everyone is being more & more pummeled with things that we thought could never happen). I can’t believe when the F’n Dems cry “Unconstitutional” when EVERYTHING they are doing is to nullify it! What they are doing hasn’t got sufficient words in the vocabulary to describe it! Out of one side of their nasty mouths they say “non-violence” when out the other side of their shit eating mouths they’re inciting it! To show you just how STUPID the Dem party leaders are, by following China’s lead on how to bring down a Democracy changing it to Communism, more than likely for supposed “power and monetary” reason, the Dems are so idiotic that once they have brought the U.S. Constitution down, Chinese leaders will further infiltrate the Capitol, remove them from power and hopefully put ALL those assholes TREASONS into concentration camps! Since BALLESS BIDEN & the HOE “Cee yoU Next Tuesday” Harris are in cahoots with the China, any aggression towards the U.S. will not be stopped because being “the commander in chief” will do nothing. Chinese will be the language spoken ih the White House from then on.

    1. Yes, you are right. My husband is a Viet Nam vet and this illegal election has taken its toll on him,too. He already suffers from agent Orange PTSD and other medical and mental conditions, He says he fought in a foreign country to keep our nation free. He never thought he would see the day we would have to fight for our freedom within our own borders. I am so disgusted with the so called “leaders” of our country. YOUR comment says it all. The demonrats and rhinos think they got power now. Just watch how quick China takes it away. They will be treated the same as the rest of us. I hope they weren’t stupid enough to think they would be special. After the ground rules are finished China will take over and thank them for their work by tanking their power and money away. Maybe the sewer DWELLERS should have asked one important question:: have you ever seen an American sitting in any office of a communist country? Maybe they should have thought about that BEFORE they sold EVERYONE out

  9. UNITY!!!! Those F’n Communists of the Dem Party are the ones inciting ALL violence! I cannot watch the “fake news media” without yelling at my TV & turning the channel. NOW they are saying that the vast majority of Americans want Trump removed from office…LIES! Now THAT’s the way to unify a country….NOT! I’m fearing that the Dems have only seen the rioting & violence they THEY have cause thus far, but “they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet”. Not only will they have the Republican side literally fighting back, but when the fools that voted and rigged the election for them start having their rights taken away, mayhem will ensue. I’ve talked with gun owners from both sides and only a VERY FEW will allow anyone from the DEM/Communist Government to confiscate their weapons, under their “new dictatorship” taking away their rights to defend themselves. ANY such movement would ONLY be to prevent a called for violence against them and not the lies they are saying that it only be for “protecting the public”. Talk about inciting violence! I’m fearing a Civil War is on the horizon, but it won’t be against just the U.S. military because China will also be deploying troops here “to assist” in the Communist take over of the United States of America and turn it into the Communist State of America with the rest of ANY nations that practice Democracy to fall shortly thereafter. Sad, but i’m afraid that’s exactly what is happening and is going to transpire. Being a veteran might not turn out to be such a good thing, because next they will probably come after veterans for defending the Constitution.

  10. Democrats UNITED for WHAT? . . . Communism?!? I DON’T think so. Patriots, UNITE and RESIST. We WILL stand our GROUND. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

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