COVID-19 Vaccines Are Weakening the Hearts of Children, Investigators Currently Probing

Myocarditis and pericarditis are words that are becoming increasingly more commonplace.

For those that don’t know, both are heart-related complications, and since the world has started to take the COVID-19 injections en masse, myocarditis and pericarditis are two of the “rare” side effects of the jab that are affecting young males.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle and pericarditis is an irritation of the sac (the pericardium) that surrounds and protects the heart. Symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, heart arrhythmias, and those who have experienced it firsthand say it feels like a heart attack.

Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” have both been identified as putting those who take it at a greater risk of developing heart complications within seven days of receiving the second dose.

Males aged 16-24 years old, following their second jab, seem to be at the greatest risk of developing heart conditions. By June this year, the CDC had confirmed they had received over 1,200 reports of heart disorders having developed in newly vaccinated patients, young males making up the majority of those who had reported.

The flurry of injuries and deaths being reported has prompted more research to be done into the effects of the mRNA “vaccines,” which are still very much experimental. (And let’s be honest here, a tool being used for depopulation by the Globalists.)

Biykem Bozkurt, a professor at the Baylor College of Medicine, said the cause may stem from spike proteins in the injections. These spike proteins are attacking the immune system, specifically, the heart proteins.

“The antibodies against the spike protein may have an unintended effect of acting against heart proteins.” Dr. Bozkurt said.

She admits, however, that the theory of “molecular mimicry” does not explain why it has not been more widespread.

Mayo Clinic cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Jay Schneider, said it could be possible that spike proteins could be embedding and replicating in heart cells, causing the antibody response and the immune system to attack itself.

During lab tests, Dr. Schneider found the heart cells had “taken up” the Moderna “vaccine” and then produced spike proteins.

Researchers are also questioning whether or not the injection site would make a difference as administering the jab directly into a vein could cause it to circulate to the heart.

Mice given injections of the mRNA “vaccines” during a study done in Hong Kong developed both heart conditions.

Not surprising that a “vaccine” that was rushed through trials and made available to the public within a matter of months would cause chaos. There simply were not enough tests, trials or research carried out (which was most likely done on purpose), and the long term repercussions are unknown.

For months now, people have been told to “get vaccinated to help keep yourself and others safe,” but what do you do when the very thing that is supposed to provide you with protection, is actually turning your own immune system against you?

Common sense would tell you that it’s unnecessary to be so fearful of a virus that has turned out to be less deadly, especially in young people, than the common flu. The cure appears to be deadlier than the disease.

With these “rare” side effects increasingly becoming not so rare, “vaccine” skeptics are being vindicated in their concerns, and with each passing day, and each new incidence, hesitancy is set to grow astronomically.

As well as skepticism.

And when enough people start asking questions, you know who will be worried.

The Globalists.

They’re actually killing our children now.

Those Satanic creatures need to be brought to justice.

40 thoughts on “COVID-19 Vaccines Are Weakening the Hearts of Children, Investigators Currently Probing”

  1. This could be ended quickly if yhe states that are finding that Biden did not win would recall their electors immediately. President Trump would be back where he belongs in the White House and every stupid decision that has been made since January would go away because they were illegal. Pipe dream? Maybe. But a great solution for the country.

    1. Nancy, that is the dream thought of many, but think of the ramifications if President Trump came back in office right now he would come back to the Democrats still in charge of Congress and he would be impeached again immediately, and if they do that, he would not be able to hold office again. Slowly we are going to be in charge of the Congress and Senate again, then when we vote him back in 24′ he would be free from that happening. And, in the meantime people are waking up and seeing how the Democrats are ruining our country. GOD has this and even though it is going to take longer than we want, it is for the best! GOD BLESS THE USA.

      1. It really doesn’t matter if President Trump is Impeached again for a Number of Reasons.
        1. The 2020 Election needs to be Audited and Proven to have been stolen. That Means Biden was Never President and everything he has done to Our Nation, All of His Executive Orders Become Null and Void.
        2. President Trump Comes Back into Office Vindicated and can Undo Even More of Biden’s Idiotic Policies that are against the Legal Tax Paying American Citizens.
        3. Reason #1 is the most Important one that needs to happen to Restore America Back to where it was under President Trump.
        4. Pelosi Violated House Rules in her 2nd Impeachment and that one can be fought against.

      2. Don’t forget to weed out ( vote out) all the RINO’s!!! And we must demand our State legislature’s “clean up” the people’s voting. ID’s, signature match, no dead people votes, no out of state voters, registered voters, Ditch dominon machines!!!! Call your legistrators!

      3. This is certainly a prayer. Yet, the slow and poor work being done by the republican party on dealing with the venues through which voter fraud was paid for and implemented are not dealt with; further, the assistance in raising the debt limits twice, voting for the first part of the bamboozle better bill(bbb), have allowed the new world order democrats a great upper hand, despite what the America people want- we can think the rino portion of the republican party for that. Truth is, Mr. Trump shot his own foot in allowing the lockdowns, which brought the money from the big guys to install ‘ the 10% big guy crook in power in the first place; the persistent failure of the grand old party to stand firm against the crooked democratic party, and the district of crooks, MUST do what we have over, and over again voted them into office to do- STAND FIRM! Sadly, I do not believe they will, and both chambers will vote in favor of the second and third portions of the crooked bbb; which will nationalize the methods used to steal power in the first place. Pray, vote, and do what we can to stand, first with God, and hopefully God will salvage the Republic! Yet we must also be aware that God will allow the Republic to fall, and Revelation to pass, for pass it shall, at God the Father’s time. Jesus is Lord for me, so I am prepared for the results, either way; come what may, I stand with the King of kings, my Lord of lords, for the kingdom of God to come!

      4. Beth you are right.
        The real way to do it is to vote in November for PRESIDENT TRUMP to be elected in Congress, use the 25Th, then impeach Kommie La Harried, and he would be the president, again. Still, the “””JAB””” would be injected. That is the worst for our youth. NO YOUTH should be injected. Why? Because their “growing” bodies are using every ounce of nutrition to build the brain, ( 30 years to achieve a fully grown brain), a growing body to support the brain, with physical involvements to strengthen the whole apparatus.
        To inject a “””spike protein””” in the building body is an anathema! We will never know what will happen if NO TESTS are performed! A”spike protein” may have immensely detrimental actions on many of the very fragile organs in the building body. The body itself might DUPLICATE that protein with all the dangers and contraindications we can assume will happen!
        Why do pregnant women lose their babies in the womb when “JABBED”?
        Doesn’t this FRIGHTEN the women?

      1. Does it surprize you out of a corrupt demorat goverment! Only 2 ties to Wuhan lab! Obama sent 3.7 million to Wuhan lab in 2017 and known fact dr. Fachie was playing with covid as a bio weapon! There directly killing beagle pups they infected with covid! It now all over the world and we are still listening to these clowns! They all belong in Gitmo! Quit voting for these cortupt morons! There destroying America! Wake up!
        Let’s Go Brandon!!!

    2. Exactly but will take more than Honesty and Morals to remove and Prosecute the Arrogant America DC Swamp Elites from controlling Our Government and Destroying the lives of the American People through Lies and Deception

    3. Agreed. Send this to Supreme Court.
      I sent them letters of concern for our country.
      We can’t survive 3 more years of Biden Administration inept, Anti-American decisions.

    4. I agree with you wholeheartedly and I too hope that a recall would result in President Trump being reinstated so America can return to a positive future.

  2. It has been said ” things are going to get worst from now on.
    As long as Satan is in the white house things are getting worse.
    Time has come to except Jesus Christ today,the earth is falling apart,we all will die soon.Time to repent.

    1. Not only repent against the CRIMINAL CARTEL controlling the Most Powerful Nation on Earth, but the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (Vatican) that is BABYLON and the FALSE Church of Christ who ARROGANTLY turned against GOD (deception)and placed themselves as a blockage(priest) to communicate with GOD.

  3. Everyday I worry about my 15 yr old grandson. His mom made him get the experimental jabs against my feelings. Population control is so very sad.

    1. Medical experiments on children was one of Hitler’s pet projects and was supposed to have been outlawed to ensure that it would not happen again. It is bloody dangerous because a child’s body is not fully developed until mid- or late-teens. Guess what: it just moved here.

      1. Laws are only for people who obey them. DimoKKKrats are nihilists and anarchists, the law means absolutely nothing to them except as a weapon against the opposition.

  4. We all know if we contribute to just a few deaths, which is crazy, we would be put in prison for Domestic Terrorists for the rest of our lives! What makes them exempt from laws they made and enforce on us!! Government should be held accountable for all the deaths of the American people plus those who now have horrible diseases due to the jab!! This is simply a way for depopulation and control over Americans!

  5. Gavin Newsom went to the wedding of his friend, the socialite heiress Ivy Love Getty, heiress of the Getty oil fortune and many people are complaining about that.

    I think you’re making a big deal out of nothing. After all, Royalty has always historically been allowed to kill off a few of us peasants and call it a sport!! And, as for closing down a few pipelines (okay, all of them) their whole purpose is to reduce humanity by 90 percent for the good of the planet. The reason they don’t want to kill off every one of us lower class people (slaves/animals) is so there are some people to grow and process their food and to serve them in whatever method and manner that pleases them, the ruling class. They must also be able to have their human hunting parties, their sex and pedophile parties and enough to provide sacrifices for their satanic rituals. By all means, keep voting in the Democrats. After all, we deserve it because they say so.

    1. And you like that? That is bloody insane! Depopulating the world to the approximate population of China or India – I say “OR”, not “AND” – – is totally evil. BTW, you would be one of those eliminated; the globalists already have their exclusive club.

    2. You’re absolutely correct. If people would just start educating themselves by reading “Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 of the United Nations , and the Georgia Guide Stones, they would learn of theseevil plans to kill off over 7.3 Billion humans.
      Georgia Guide Stones “Maintain a human population of less than 500 million” is the first thing listed on the Stones.
      It was paid for by the Illuminati.

    3. Should justice be done concerning the 2020 election and a full forensic investigation completed then Republicans would win a minimum of two additional Senate seats, maybe a few more House Seats, the White House and have to build a few new prisons to hold all the traitors that contributed to the rigging of the election. As is the past 13 months will be written in history as THE YEAR THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY!! And yes, I do know a year only has 12 months.


  7. Why aren’t the “Criminals” in CONGRESS , Being made accountainable for what they are doing to the AMERICAN PEOPLE? Where’s the JUSTICE for ALL the DEATHS?

  8. The Democrats need to make Americans believe that all these vaccines they have forced on people have been the reason for the virus subsiding ,and not the natural course that the virus is slowing down because of herd immunity.This way they can along with the lying MSM claim they saved the country in the next presidential election.Why do they all still hide the fact that there are other successful treatments other than the “JAB” ?

    1. More money in the Jab, and as long as people line up en masse for a poison vaccine no need for alternative solutions.

  9. Here’s what needs to be done dirt nap for all these idiots in charge of the white house start low go to the highest Fauci and gates started this crap with the help of the Chinese with your money now he wants to dictate your future dont be sheep anymore we are the home of the brave remember that people the more we see our life a living hell the more they like it

    1. I agree with you Rob what happened to the land of the brave I’m willing and ready to die for my country even the cowards that lined up for the shots I will die for not a problem but know this our country needs to come together all of our country no matter race no matter religion or color hope to get like minded individuals to start sticking up for the country

  10. Fauci lied to Congress and media spread the word as if true, that he never funded gain of function virus research. It has now been proven that he lied about it. Why has he not been indicted and charged with a crime? Millions died of Fauci and Communist Chinese devious and deadly mistakes or planned herd reduction.Either way he should be jailed and executed for mass murder.

  11. Ed, I agree 100%. Can you post links to articles that prove Dr Fuddy Duddy lied. I would love to read a send onto others. Hopefully they will change some friends minds and remove some scales from their eyes. Thank you so much in advance. God help us & have Mercy on us.

  12. Wait for it, as soon as Big Pharma can implement a regimen of suppression meds to calm various organ reactions to the WuHu flu stab, the world of profits will continue to mushroom. They will want to install a drip feed on pregnant women to protect the unborn or even on males of pre-child bearing age to halt the production of future Farci’s.

  13. Bill Gates invested 10 BILLION DOLMARS in the vaccines. He expects to bring in $200 Billion in return profits. All the while, doing as he has talked of for 20 years: “Depopulating the Planet by use of Vaccines.”
    The Illuminati is in control here. That’s who is controlling Biden & his cohorts.
    PLEASE, read the Georgia Guide Stones and Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 of the U.N.
    Read between the lines. Figure out where this can go. Remember, EVIL is in control.

  14. I can’t wait for the civil war to start, these cowards ran and hid on January 6th . I want to see what they do when the masses come for thier corrupt asses. Hide you cowards you will no longer have any power as the people are going to take it back real soon ! .

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