Biden’s First Executive Orders to Target Gun Control

Joe Biden isn’t waiting for Inauguration Day — or even the certification of the Electoral College — to prepare his first attack on the Second Amendment.

Stef Feldman, national policy director of Biden’s presidential campaign, spoke via video to the Institute of Politics and Public Service at Georgetown University to announce the latest Biden administration plans.

Feldman stated Biden plans “big, bold changes through executive action, not just on policing and climate like we talked about previously, but in healthcare and education on gun violence, on a range of issues.” Further, her comments referred to gun control through executive order.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety organization also joined the call for the Biden administration to increase firearm limitations. Specific actions referred to requiring additional background checks for gun sales and tracking for homemade firearms. The organization’s president, John Feinblatt, told the New York Times “gun safety is a public health crisis.”

Biden has long supported bans on semiautomatic weapons. A recent ABC News report notes Biden “has pledged to push for another ban on the semiautomatic long guns that have only surged in popularity since their return to the market.”

Others fear a Biden administration will ban the importation of assault weapons and weapon components. The Trace notes, “Biden has said he will use his executive authority to ban the importation of all assault weapons by expanding the list of weapons — and weapon components — considered not suitable for sporting purposes.”

Despite the estimated 17 million AR rifles in America, Biden seeks to shut down Second Amendment rights unlike any president before him. Apparently, among Biden’s list of forgotten phrases is the Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

And if you’re concerned about your privacy, Biden’s likely plans include increased tracking regarding firearms owned by Americans. Imagine the government knowing which guns you own, the ammo you buy, and other personal firearm data.

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Gun control is only the beginning. Invading privacy regarding American gun ownership serves as a next step in the so-called gun safety public health crisis.

Just as the left redefines “court packing” to include any nominee they don’t like, gun control is now a public health issue that must be regulated by big government. Don’t confuse me with the Constitution!

Even if Republicans retain control of the Senate after Georgia’s January 5 runoff election, executive orders would provide Biden plenty of opportunities to irritate law-abiding gun owners. Recently mentioned plans include plans to end sales of AR-15’s and similar firearms, limiting magazine sizes and regulating current gun owners.

God forbid a Beto O’Rourke-like promise to, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” And don’t forget, Kamala Harris is among the radical Democrats who have voiced support for mandatory gun buybacks. Though unpopular among many Americans, Biden’s deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon supported mandatory buybacks — and even previously worked with O’Rourke.

Her plan includes mandatory buyback of up to 15 to 16 million American firearms! Even socialist Bernie Sanders opposed such widespread unconstitutional actions. Regardless of how the days ahead unfold, American gun owners are in for an unsettling future.

31 thoughts on “Biden’s First Executive Orders to Target Gun Control”

  1. The 2nd Ammendment trumps Biden’s Executive Order plan. Maybe he could throw his record player at the bad guys. At any rate, come and try to take my constitutionally-owned weapons. Locked and loaded.

    1. My 80 plus Polish father-in-law recently said,”When we fled communist Poland at the end of the 1960s,I never thought that Communism would follow me here,to the United States”. Fear for the future of this uniquely free country!!

      1. It’s time for people to come together and take up arms against the gun grabbers. The politicians and the left better invest in a good supply of body bags!! I say kill them all and let God sort them out.

  2. Biden is going to start a war in his own country. And who is he going to find stupid enough to go door to door. He and Harris need to do that.

    1. Scarry thought Brother, what if Bidens buddies, ( all the Chinese Troops that are currently in Canada), were assigned to go door, to door
      By the way, I’m with you,
      Bring extra body bags

      1. Now you have your attention on what should be the REAL source of fear for our freedom. The Chinese Army is in Canada,Panama,Venezuela,Cuba, Nicaragua,and in our own U.S.A. Pacific ports. When Harris lets them loose on us,they may,or may not be wearing blue helmets. PREPARE!!! This site gives incomplete images to “verify” then wants to dump you. Very dishonest site!!!

    2. The military, do you really think the military leaders we have now would be hesitant to disarm the honest citizens of this country? Most of them hate the fact that most American after years of useless wars they have pushed us into are tired of supporting a military that exists only to push a political agenda, not to defend this country.

  3. Biden is such an Idiot….And the scary part of it….Just think how many Idiots – Voted that Moron into a Presidential Position.!!?????? God help this Country…. We’ll surely need it.!!!

    1. FEMA camps surrounded with barbed wire are ready and waiting for anyone the left hates. That could include people who support the Constitution and its Amendments. They especially hate the First and Second Amendments.

  4. Biden first step? Sure to make it easy for Harris to become President! He going after the Constitution laws that been around longer than him! For these stupid people who think it the police officer jobs to babysit them! Now they want to defend the police officer! If you are a police officer it would be best you study the second amendment to learn how it works! The second was put in to protect the first amendment rights. And help us to stop a TYRANNY GOVERNMENT FROM TAKING AWAY our freedom and liberty. So if you going to claim you are just doing your job! I sure you want to arrest the fool who is trying to DESTORY our country!

  5. Disarm the people make it easy to CONTROL THE PEOPLE! JUST AS HITLER DID TO THE JEWS! Took their guns then kill them in a gas chamber

  6. A three time combat veteran here. This so called “gun control” is the second part of controlling the people of this nation by taking away all means of resistance. It has been used in every nation that came under dictator control. The first part is seizing total control of the people’s health care. Check world history. I don’t believe any veteran who has served to protect this nation will give up the constitutional right of the 2nd amendment. The only thing that keeps the gangsters and thugs out of decent people’s homes is knowing they may get blown away if they try to invade a family’s home. To give up that protection is to open the doors to the bad guys. And those thugs don’t care if you’re democrat or republican. So it’s time to get ready for the physical fight against this stupid move to render law abiding people helpless.

  7. Back around 1993, Sarah Brady claimed that if the “Brady background check law SAVES just one life, it will all be WORTH it”. Now they want to invade people’s homes or financial security. So if one person DIES from this, does that mean that their new “gun control” laws aren’t WORTH it?

    1. who’s going to die first the takers or the keepers,time to man up remember GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH

  8. Biden may try an Executive order to ban”assault” weapons but many people will not comply (turn in ) and it would take years to implement a fair and precise tax that would be uniform throughout all states negating local state laws which would see their day in local and then federal courts (suits arguing federal government is violating individual state’s rights, not to mention that an”order” to do that would be a clear violation of and incorrect interpretation of the Constitution).
    If he imposes a tax, the government would have to prove that you owned such weapons and still have them under your use. Maybe a flood or house fire destroyed them or maybe they were stolen from your car or you lost them on a hunting trip etc. Also, it would automatically make millions of otherwise law abiding Americans instantly criminals. If this “order” coupled defunding police and the reclassification of what constitutes a criminal offense (lowering the standard) occurs, there would be mass protest and violence and I doubt most police would enforce warrants to inspect and confiscate guns going house to hose—-give me a break. This is exactly why we have a 2nd Amendment as the founding fathers realized this is the first step of tyranny and restriction of individual rights. De-arm the citizens is in the first steps of the playbook regarding how to take over a country. Only see mass chaos, hundreds if not thousands of suits and perhaps even violence throughout most of the rust belt and farming country. This is what would light the fuse that many militia’s in Michigan and throughout the country would need to justify whatever comes next.

    1. After Katrina National Guard members went door to door in dry, unclouded upscale neighborhoods. They looked for and confiscated guns and ammunition. The police were useless and it left people unable to protect themselves from looters and rapists. They even threw an 80 something woman to the ground because she was holding an unloaded pistol. There were no warrants or receipts for the stolen guns. Only a few NRA members with good documentation ever got their weapons back and that was after fighting for them legally with the sid of NRA lawyers.

  9. Public safety where the 2nd Amendment is concerned is pure B.S. Same for trying to link it with personal safety and/or healthcare!
    Drunkle Joe, if he were the least bit honest, would focus in CRIME CONTROL, not making honest AMERICANS exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights CRIMINALS through executive order!
    The real question should be; What do the Socialist/Democrats fear so much that they are determined to completely disarm AMERICANS?

    What have we learned throughout history about governments talking weapons from citizens? THAT, my friends answers the above question and why we must fight the Socialist/Democrat’s gun control agenda! Our Rights and Constitutional protections are at risk!

  10. History clearly instructs that those who are unwilling to kill and die to retain their life, rights, liberties and property will lose them. When it’s time, so be it! Semper Fi!!

    1. SEMPER FI. I’m 75 and apparently this is what I was trained for. To DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. Military personnel would naturally think that the military,HLS, FBI, etc., would defend Americans, but I just read a “Joint Chiefs OF Staff memorandum ( I’m not so sure they will be on the American side of maintaining the 2nd Amendment. The commie dems made that “PEACEFUL” demonstration appear to be a riot, when it clearly was not. Righteous thinking America must know by now that we are being taken over by “FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC ENEMIES” working together. If I read correctly, we are surrounded by the Chinese Army awaiting “somebody’s signal” to attack. I WONDER WHO THAT MIGHT BE????? LAST WORDS….”GOD HELP US ALL”

  11. Anyone with just a little knowledge of world history knows where this is headed and what the end result is intended. I claim independent status, have for a long time. But our nation was founded upon checks and balances of government. That’s why the branches were implemented. Right now the democrats have control of congress. If Biden finally winds up in the oval office they have control of two segments. The only balance left is the senate. If they use the same practice, unchecked, in the Georgia run off as they used in the presidential election they will control the entire government and the ability to do anything they please without any responsibility to the people. AND THAT finalizes the dictator status they have been seeking for years. This run off election had best be monitored VERY CAREFULLY and true, fair, honest, people had better vote to see that they don’t take control of the senate.

  12. The DEMOCRATS don’t have 2/3 control of the HOUSE. It will die IN HOUSE. And, I’m SURE that Patriots will give back the AMMO . . . One SHOT at a TIME. AWFUL lot of Left Wing TARGETS out there – OPEN SEASON, UNLIMITED bag limits. One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  13. I personally give a RAT’S ASS about ASSAULT Rifles. Unless U have a FFL they are considered an instrument of war as I last remember and ownership takes an FFL. Biden like the rest of the idiots are barking up the WRONG tree unless, they are on the side of the criminals. Semi-automatics, NO PROBLEM. That keeps the good guys on par with the criminals and politicians. When I received my COMBAT ACTION medal and Gold Stars, I had yet to use the automatic side of my firearm in combat (M-16). I actually see the criminals come out blasting in full auto mode.

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